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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jerome Guisset Big Hit

Jerome Guisset Big Hit

Jerome Guisset smashes a Wakefield player while playing for Warrington.

If anyone has anymore info about him or about this hit let me know.

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Anonymous August 09, 2007 11:57 am

league hits aer always better than union good hit from guisette

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Bobby #15 October 19, 2007 4:09 pm

no they arent league is a pile of crap union is 10 times beta

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Zimunya January 25, 2008 6:02 am

Agree with Bobby#15, league is a bunch of brainless buffoons. As is illustrated by the poor spelling of the anonymous user.

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Anonymous January 28, 2008 10:29 pm

I have been playing Union for 12 years almost, and it is certainly much better than League. Union is definitely the games to play Lads!

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Anonymous June 05, 2008 7:05 am

IT's a big debate really. Union requiresthe Team-play, set tactics and all round balanced areas of play on the field, such as a big pack with fast backs.But Leagues about being incredibly fit and still being able to make a hit.

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Anonymous October 01, 2008 12:08 am

League is a bunch of brainless bufoons?! yeah great grammar and great argumument from yourself. Both codes are great and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Also both produce great players with it being interesting to note that both tries in the 2003 WC final were scored by ex rugby league players. Also there are more tries per game in rugby league which means ots largely more enternaing to watch, despite being yers behind in terms of development.

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Jordan December 17, 2008 6:19 pm

i agree with the comment one above me, anonymousboth have their highs and lows in the gamei think league is a fairer encounter because you cant really kill the ball using the forwards as easy as in union, but then again union requires the skill to be able to beat an opposition holding the ball so tight, thats just one comparison, and i think is a good one because the two games are good shows of fitness, skill, strength and brains. (brains comment directed at Zimunya, both games show a degree of it not just one), its all down to personal preference and im in the middle so its easy to see the good and bad of bothpersonally i would watch a union game rather than league but i still really love league

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Anonymous July 17, 2009 6:43 pm

League is no longer as impressive due to union becoming professional.

I am worried by the IRB attempts as making the rules more similar in what seems a step toward an attempt to merge to two codes...something that no one north of the hemisphere evers wants to see.

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