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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tana Umaga huge tackle on Morgan Turinui in 2006

Tana Umaga demonstrates to Waratahs back Morgan Turinui why he was one of the greatest, and most formidable, ever All Black captains. A hard man through and through, he's a true legend of New Zealand and Hurricanes rugby.

Some average passing in the 2006 Super 14 sets up the Waratahs' Turinui to be monstered by Umaga, with a flying leap tackle.

Some great, classic Australian commentary followed.

"What a hit! Look at this for timing... it's exquisite, and I know it hurts."

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Anonymous August 20, 2007 3:32 pm

hahahabrilliant timing i tried it and i got sin binned!!!

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Anonymous September 14, 2007 7:32 pm

Primo hit - any idea what the tune is please??

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G-unit September 28, 2007 2:43 am

Tana, Legend! Probably the best player out of NZ in the last center at least!

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Anonymous October 05, 2007 1:00 pm

I thought the commentator was about to blow his beans at one point....

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Anonymous October 06, 2007 5:26 pm

tht was a monster. looks lyk he was angry lol

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hamish m December 21, 2007 11:45 pm

I only it wasn't for TU's spear on BOD I might have some respect for him...

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J.R. January 01, 2008 7:37 pm

I agree with hamish m. I would respect him much more if he hadnt spear tackled his opposite no. BOD who is probably more talented than him.

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Anonymous January 02, 2008 2:04 pm

A bit late, but the song at the end is We Got The Whip by Audioslave.

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Anonymous January 02, 2008 9:41 pm

umaga is shit BOD way better

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David January 02, 2008 9:55 pm

to the guy who commented above me, ur a tit. but surely this tackle was too high? almost tackled him round the head?

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J.R. January 03, 2008 2:22 pm

BOD is a one in a kind player. His creativity in the game is far better than any other including Tana Umaga. Look at Brian O' Driscoll a moment of genius and you'll see. I will not deny that Umaga is good but just because he plays centre for the All Blacks doesnt make him the best centre in the world.

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geraint January 04, 2008 12:22 am

J.R. i don't think anyone here has actually said Umaga is/was the best in the world. Just saying he's a brilliant player and one of NZ's greats. Yes O'Driscoll is also world class but they're both different types of players.

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Portuguese Fan January 04, 2008 1:51 pm

BOD is a genius, a player which can turn a game with his individual skills. Umaga is was team-man, a very consistent player, 100% NZ style. I whish they were both portuguese... LOL

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J.R. January 04, 2008 7:13 pm

To geraint I am not saying they are the same I am saying that I think O' Driscoll has a better mind for the game and can do things Umaga couldnt produce because as you said they are different players. As for my other point there is an assumption by some people that should someone play for the All Blacks that it means that they are the best player in the world for that position.

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Anonymous March 04, 2008 12:56 am

you got sin binned because you probably tackled him above the shoulders, umaga didn't get sin binned because he grabbed his shoulders

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Anonymous March 25, 2008 4:10 pm

there was nothing huge about that tackleit was pretty crapi dont know what in the name of god the commentater is going on about

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Anonymous April 14, 2008 4:55 pm


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TheFullback July 08, 2008 7:43 pm

Sometimes commentator's reactions are just as good as the hits themselves"OOOOOOOOHHH, WHAT A HIT!"haha

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Anonymous July 14, 2008 11:52 am

tana umanga, perfect outside centre. Hard man, hard hitter and a mint captain. to play him along side BOD would be amazing

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Anonymous December 22, 2010 11:50 pm

Umaga was the best centre in the world and no matter what you clowns say he was always better than Cryin O Driscoll. In all the matches they played each other against Cryin O Driscoll never performed better than Tana on any occassion. Sure he might produce brilliant creative rugby in the northern hemisphere but against Tana Umaga he was always outclassed and outsmarted. Now Remember That

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