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Monday, October 08, 2007

Very Suspicious Serge Betsen knockout

Very Suspicious Serge Betsen knockout

On Saturday night the All Blacks got knocked out of the tournament by France, and as some will say, by a forward pass. Regardless, France will play England in the Semi Final next weekened and probably without key flanker Serge Betsen due to a concussion.

Betsen got knocked out in the opening stages of the match from what looked like an accidental collision. We've taken a close look at the footage and picked up on something that, although not 100% conclusive, looks very incriminating to me.

Now, despite the fact that New Zealand wont play any further part in this World Cup, we thought we'd bring it to your attention, more for discussion and awareness than anything else.

Joe Rokocoko cleaned up a messy lineout and charged into Serge Betsen. France's defensive powerhouse Betsen was left "out like a light" on the floor.

At first glance it looks like he copped an accidental elbow while making the tackle. A look at the alternate replay angle provided in the video reveals that Betsen appeared to be getting to his feet. Then, watch his head as Keith Robinson enters the picture.

A player blocks a full view of the incident, but Betsen collapsing back to the ground and Robinson's fist sends a pretty clear picture.

Decide for yourself.

UPDATE 11/10/07:
I still feel theres a possibility of it being a closed hand punch/push which forced Betsen onto his own players knee, but thats my opinion and I'm only one of 5000 people that visit here everyday.

So, if you disagree thats cool, you're probably right. Opinions are like assholes - everyones got one, and we all think that everyone elses stinks.

Case closed.

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