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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

About Rugbydump

About Rugbydump

Started in 2006 as a means of archiving favourite rugby videos online, has now grown into a brand that is recognised by most rugby fans and players globally.

RD boasts the most comprehensive archive of top rugby clips online, but it's more than just the videos - we cover the story behind the clip, with information, match reports and the inside scoop that you wont find on standard video sites.

Browsing through the various categories you'll see the biggest tackles, best tries, and a whole lot more. Rugbydump is the original rugby video site in this format. We are very proud of that and will continue to be the benchmark globally for rugby coverage in this manner.

A constant work in progress, Rugbydump aims to keep on growing and improving, becoming an integral part of your everyday online experience.

In September of 2009, Rugbydump was honoured to be included in the Telegraph's list of the Top 20 Rugby Union Websites . Not only did we make the list, but they ranked Rugbydump at number one .

Join Rugbydump's 80 000 Facebook fans and Twitter followers by following the links below. You can then also view a few interesting videos about the site lower down on this page.

Rugbydump Promo 2010

BBC Radio interview - Top 10 Rugby Union sites discussion - Nov 2009

Rugbydump Promo 2008

Short snippet from a news segment on France24 in 2007


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