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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I Love Rugby

Why I Love Rugby

We come from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world. We're of different age groups and have different beliefs. We're all essentially very different. But one thing we do have in common, is that we all love rugby.

Thats why youre sitting where you are right now. Thats why thousands, from far reaches of the globe, are doing exactly the same thing. We cant get enough of it. Its in our blood. Every moment of this game is special to us. Every tackle, every try, every run, every step its what makes rugby what it is - the most enjoyable sport in the world.

This awesome video, made by one of our regulars, is a brilliant summary of all things special in rugby. The power, the skill, the showmanship its all in there, and it makes for a really well made compilation video that will no doubt touch you in some small way.

There will be a lot of clips in here that you may have already seen, but with the way it's packaged, theyre worth seeing again. Theres even one or two League clips thrown in, as, running with ball in hand and stepping your man is good to watch in either code of the game.

All in all, we hope you enjoy this video, and if you, like us, think its a great format for another Rugbydump series, then let us know and well consider putting a number two together. Who knows where it can go from there.


My Sacrifice by Creed
Time: 04:59
Note: Thanks to Chris for the great vid

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