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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Madness - Kiwi butchers the Aussie anthem

Monday Madness - Kiwi butchers the Aussie anthem

Thomas Stowers. Anyone remember that name? I didn't think so, and despite admittedly knowing nothing about the guy, I'm willing to bet that this performance of his at a 2001 Bledisloe Cup match didn't do his career any favours.

Australia won the match against New Zealand 23-15 at Carisbrook, despite Stowers stuttering through the anthem and basically making a mockery of the honour and opportunity handed to him.

With the Tri Nations in full swing in 2008 and a possible decider between the two sides on the cards, we thought this would provide a bit of a chuckle. His 'performance' is so bad that it's laughable, and I bet quite annoying if you're an Australian.

So while on the subject, why do the anthem singers at the beginning of a match always look so out of place, looking like they've been chosen by having their names pulled from a hat?

This past weekend we watched as the South African Bala Brothers performed a really good rendition of God Defend New Zealand, including the Maori version, but then we saw three Afrikaans guys singing the South African anthem.

Where is the logic. Why not just have one group or individual sing both? If you're good enough to sing another countries anthem, surely you're good enough to sing your own? It may just be a pet hate of mine, but I find it's often a shambles before kickoff.

Katherine Jenkins on the other hand, is a great example of Wales getting it right. She's pleasing on the eye, and certainly knows how to sing, unlike a certain Mr Stowers, who's minute of shame has been dug up again for all to see.

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