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Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Funnies - Paul Sackey's astounding rugby knowledge

Friday Funnies - Paul Sackey's astounding rugby knowledge

A few weeks back we featured a rather amusing clip of Harlequins and England winger David Strettle on the sports quiz show A Question of Sport . Strettle looked quite foolish as he revealed that his knowledge of rugby isn't too great. This week, were following up with a clip of his England compatriot, Paul Sackey.

Sackey appeared on an earlier edition of the show, joining the fun with the usual comedic exploits of Matt Dawson, and the nutty Phil Tufnell.

The home question for Sackey and his team was fairly straight forward if youre a rugby fan who pays attention to the goings on of the rugby world.

Sackey clearly had no idea though, and as one of our regulars mentioned on the Strettle post, he seems to be one of those players who treats rugby more like a job than a passion. If that is indeed the case, its perhaps one of the biggest downfalls of professionalism as we know it.

His reaction when being told the answer isnt quite as funny as Strettles was, but its the antics of ex Test cricketer Tufnell next to him that we found hilarious. What made the whole thing worse though was that Sackey couldnt even respond to Tufnell's amusing description of Victor Matfield.

All respect to Paul Sackey - on the park hes a great player with loads of electricity. But off the field, in terms of rugby trivia, perhaps the lights are on but nobodys home.

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