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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The School of Hard Knocks - The Final

The School of Hard Knocks - The Final

The much anticipated final of the School of Hard Knocks is finally here. Will Greenwood and Scott Quinnell have sculpted a group of troubled youths into a hardened rugby team over a period of a few weeks, and their final challenge is upon them.

Its been quite a ride for the boys, who joined the programme from different backgrounds, all of which were troubled or mislead, and none of which had any previous involvement with rugby.

Theyve had their ups and downs, but theyve made it to the final hurdle as a changed group of boys as they set out to play against an experienced and well organised team that pushes them to their limits.

Along the journey theyve not only learnt about rugby, but about themselves as individuals and see that all things are possible through hard work and determination.

Theyve taken a hold of their lives now and look set to be stronger, better, and more focussed than ever as theyve found a sense of self-worth and togetherness that many of us would have experienced through this great sport.

Everything theyve learned has come down to this one final test, as they run out together to have the time of their lives and see if they can put everything theyve learnt into practice in this, the final episode of The School of Hard Knocks 2009.

The final episode is 43 minutes long, so they're split into 5 different parts. It's well worth the watch, so enjoy. Apologies for the audio sync error on the first part. The rest are fine.

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