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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best tries of the Top 14 after the first three rounds

Best tries of the Top 14 after the first three rounds

There's been four rounds of the French Top 14 already and all signs are clear that this season will be yet another that demands the attention of fans the world over.

We have a vid for you today which includes a few tries we may have already shown, but is basically a compilation of some of the best tries from the first three rounds of the tournament.

There's a few notable stand outs in there, but in general they're all superb.

South African fans will be interested in seeing Jacques Schutte scoring for Montpellier. Schutte was pretty much an average winger in South Africa who played for the Falcons, but now finds himself turning out with the big boys in the Top 14.

He had an easy run in to finish off a nice try against Stade Francais, who themselves scored a classic in that match, thanks to another foreigner, Australian Mark Gasnier.

A former rugby league star, Gasnier is progressing nicely with the side from Paris, scoring twice against Montpellier, with the try that's shown here showing off his brilliant stepping and power.

Aurelien Rougerie, Iain Balshaw, Cedric Heymans and Marc Andreu all score classic tries themselves, some team efforts, and some individual.

We'll have plenty more Top 14 action for you coming up shortly, including full highlights from Round 3.

On a sidenote: If you watch a game live and see a tackle, try, or funny that you think would be good to show on Rugbydump, please make sure you post a request here .

Time: 04:46
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