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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jerry Collins charge knocks out Dan Tuohy

Jerry Collins charge knocks out Dan Tuohy

We recently featured an interesting interview with Jerry Collins ahead of his time at the Ospreys in Wales. Collins was looking forward to the new challenge and change in lifestyle, after his time in the south of France.

Last weekend against Ulster, a match which the Ospreys lost 20-16, lock Dan Tuohy scored a great try for the winning side. The celebrations didn't last long though.

Shortly afterwards, Jerry 'The Terminator' Collins ended his match in no uncertain terms with a trademark charge that left Tuohy out cold after attempting to tackle the rampaging Kiwi.

Collins, being the good man that he is, went over immediately to check if Tuohy was okay.

Former All Black, and now Ospreys, teamate Marty Holah believes that in time, Collins will come into his own with the new club, and hopefully rekindle the form that he had when at the top of his game in New Zealand.

"I certainly felt sorry for the guy who was on the wrong end of his shoulder last weekend. He just copped it in his soft spot," said Holah.

"The more time Jerry spends with the boys, the more he will fit in.

"He's a bit unsure about our blitz defence, because he hasn't been involved in one before, but once he gets comfortable with it, it's a system that will suit him.

"He's a big hitter who likes to line up people and take them on confrontationally. When it clicks for him, he'll be right in there."

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