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Friday, October 09, 2009

Mafileo Kefu yellow carded for solid hit against Castres

Mafileo Kefu yellow carded for solid hit against Castres

This has been a year of both on and off the field misdemeanour's and subsequent suspensions. The offences have tarnished the image of the game slightly, with the strains of professionalism perhaps finally taking it's toll.

We won't list all that's happened, as you've been part of it right here on RD, so are fully aware of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

It's with that in mind though, that it brings up the question of suspensions and severity of refereeing decisions. As the image of the game might have taken a step back, it feels as though the men in charge are doing everything they can to clean it up.

That means extra pressure on the men who control the on-field goings on - the referees. What this all means, is that at times the refs are going to get it wrong, incensing both players and fans alike.

When Toulon played Castres last weekend, Mafileo Kefu was yellow card for this hit which was deemed to be a high shoulder charge. On first glance, combined with the reaction from the crowd and commentators, it seems like a pretty dirty hit.

Watch it again though, and you'll see that the man he tackled, Yoann Audrin, was leaning down into the tackle which made it seem high and clumsy. Kefu also actually managed to wrap both arms all the way around him.

Shoulder contact was probably made with Audrins face, but taking all into account, perhaps the ref and assistant overreacted with the yellow card.

On the other hand, I'm sure everyone will agree that we'd rather have officials that are overly strict rather than carelessly lenient.

Feel free to give your thoughts on this hit as you might disagree with our view. I've no doubt opinions will vary. Remember though, please keep things clean and respectful.

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