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Monday, December 14, 2009

Julien Dupuy attacks the eyes of Stephen Ferris

Julien Dupuy attacks the eyes of Stephen Ferris

As you might have seen in the highlights from the weekend, Stade Francais scrumhalf Julien Dupuy did his best to get himself in hot water by sticking his fingers where they dont belong in the eyes of Ulster flanker Stephen Ferris.

While the highlights clip didnt show the incident too clearly, weve got a better piece of footage for you here today, which includes it slowed down, as well as words from Ferris following the match.

Dupuy, who was yellow carded earlier for an off the ball shoulder charge, raked his fingers over the face and eyes of Ferris not once, but twice.

The British & Irish Lions player did well not to react, but a fight broke out at the same time, with two other players being yellow carded.

One of those players, Stade Francais prop David Attoub, is also the focus of attention this morning as a photograph of him shoving his finger into Ferris eye is also being reviewed, apparently. You can view that here .

The two will more than likely be fingered by the citing commissioner some time today. Dupuy will be anyway, as it might be difficult to suspend a player based on a photograph like that.

"I was furious," said Ferris, who had his headgear ripped off during the incident.

"When I was on the ground I felt numerous fingers in my eye. There was argy-bargy throughout the game, and I don't mind that, rugby is a physical game.

"I would hate to get anyone cited and if someone hit me a dig in the jaw I would take it and get on with the game, but not when someone goes for your eyes. It's disappointing because I thought it was being cut out of the game, but it still seems to be in the French game and it has to be cut out.

"I will just let the citing commissioner sort it out. There was no apology afterwards. All Dupuy said to me on the pitch was 'I did not do anything, nothing happened' and I said well soon see and just walked off."

If convicted, Dupuy will face a lengthy ban that will be at least as severe as what Shane Jennings recently got handed, 12 weeks, for an incident that didnt look as bad as this one. Well keep you updated as we hear more.

UPDATE: Dupuy has been handed 6 months for his actions. Attoub's case is postponed until further evidence is available.

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