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Friday, May 07, 2010

Jean De Villiers smashed by Benoit August in Heineken Cup Semi-Final

Jean De Villiers smashed by Benoit August in Heineken Cup Semi-Final

As we head into the weekend theres still a few clips that Id like to get up on RD before the end of the day. The Super 14 Pick of the Week for one, but if things take too long, that will carry over to be combined with the next round. This clip however is of an outstanding hit from last weekend, so needs to be shared now.

It comes from the Heineken Cup semi final between Biarritz and Munster that saw the Munstermen sent packing as the home side took the match 18-7, progressing to the final where they will face Toulouse, who themselves beat Leinster 26-16 .

Biarritz hooker Benoit August put the hit in on Munster and Springbok centre Jean De Villiers as he handled the ball for the second time in the movement before August smoked him.

It started with De Villiers making a trademark intercept, but ended with him questioning if his ribs were still in tact. A few questioned if August was not possibly offside at the time, but it was open play and advantage was being played, so the ref had no problems with it.

De Villiers, who will return to South Africa to aim towards the 2011 World Cup, has said that hes loved the northern hemisphere experience, and would advise youngsters to do the same if they get the chance.

"I would make the same decision all over again. In fact, I would definitely advise any youngster back home to do it if they get the opportunity, because that is what rugby provides you with. It's the chance to play abroad, live in a different country and travel the world: it's been fantastic for me," said De Villiers, who believes hes a better player now.

"I started off slowly with them and then got a good kick in the butt. You learn from that and I felt that afterwards, it really went well. I scored a couple of tries and was pretty happy with my performances from December onwards."

Regarding the French, De Villiers says that theyre in a great position right now.

"With two French teams in the Heineken Cup final, one in the Amlin Challenge final and a French Grand Slam this winter, this is a siren signal for world rugby about their strength. They are really strong at the moment.

"The quality of players they have and the fact that they are selecting the right players with great variety, makes them very dangerous," he added.

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