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Saturday, May 22, 2010

School of Hard Knocks 2010 - Episode 6 - The Final episode

School of Hard Knocks 2010 - Episode 6 - The Final episode

Today is the final of the Heineken Cup, as well as the semi finals in the Super 14. To stay with that theme in mind, here's the much anticipated final episode of the School of Hard Knocks.

It's been eight long weeks for the group of East London youths who for the most part, hadnt graced a rugby field until very recently. Theyve learnt a lot along the way, not only about rugby, but about themselves and where they want to be in life.

Not everyone made it to this final hurdle, but for those who stuck around through the process, the big day has come as they face up to the big match that theyve been working towards this whole time.

While the final match has been the main goal rugby-wise, thats not the sole purpose of the exercise. Transforming lives and setting these guys on a path that they can be proud of is pretty much what its all about.

Since the show, were pleased to announce that many of the players who took part have now found themselves full time employment, and are also continuing to play rugby. Most of them now play for East London rugby club, Eaton Manor, or Barking.

Lucky, the big guy who was picked out by Will in episode 5 for not going into the tackle hard enough, is in training for the Sharks academy at the moment.

All in all, its been a fascinating show and a success for all those involved. If youd like to read more about other projects from the guys at Rugby Performance, you can do so here . You can also now access all the episodes from the archive page over here .

Feedback on the show is welcome. What was your best moment in the series, and what did you think of the whole process in general?


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