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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rugby Club's Super 14 Plays of the Season

Rugby Club's Super 14 Plays of the Season

So the Super 14 is well and truly over and we move on to the international rugby season as Test matches will take place around the world this coming weekend. For now though, let's have a quick recap with Fox Sports' Super 14 Plays of the Season.

It was the Bulls who came up trumps after a long tournament that they pretty much dominated from the get go. While they had one or two lapses in form, on a whole they were the strongest side and deserved the win.

Some of their fans, with with horns on their hats, vuvuzela's in hand, and serious beer bellies, are featured prominently here as they brought their own brand of support to both Loftus and Soweto. The Aussie fans also brought the fun , and along with the cheerleaders, the off-field antics of the tournament were just as enjoyable as what happened on the park.

The biggest tries, hits, and magic moments are listed, with the latter providing one in particular that surely touched the hearts of fans around the globe. No, not scavenger Phil Waugh and his Waratahs record, but Julian Huxley making an incredible comeback from a brain tumour surely goes down as one of the rugby moments of the year.

It was a sensational tournament with the standard of play being raised once again, and you can rewatch each round's best tries by checking out the Rugbydump Picks of the Week here .

This clip is just a bit of light hearted fun for those who are already missing their Super 14 fix. Enjoy.

Time: 02:34

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