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Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Funnies - The Brumbies show off their skills at training

Friday Funnies - The Brumbies show off their skills at training

Following the All Blacks tricks & skills at training video that was somewhat of a viral success, the Brumbies havent missed a trick, so to speak, as theyve come up with a video of their own, showing exactly what theyre capable of. Check this out.

The All Blacks video spread rapidly across the internet as everyone wanted to see the incredible tricks they pulled off in training. While most were of the opinion that the stuff they performed could actually be done, this video from the Brumbies puts everything into perspective.

Their parody response features Josh Valentine, Adam Ashley-Cooper, and Tyrone Smith as they take up the roles of Piri Weepu, Cory Jane, and Rene Ranger respectively.

After having it sent to him from Ashley-Cooper on Twitter, Weepu tweeted earlier today 'Hahaha that's better then ours cuz'. Quade Cooper said 'Ahhhhhhh hahah that's so good bra!!' - bra being brother, not to be confused with what Derren Witcombe was wearing in 2004.

Ashley-Cooper, at times referred to as Two Dads, later said 'Us Aussies try bro... But in all honesty, Tyrone was terrible! Sorry about him...'

You can keep up with the banter by following them on Twitter. Cory Jane is @CoryJane1080, Piri Weepu is @Powza13, Adam Ashley-Cooper is @AdamCoopy, and Quade Cooper is @QuadeCooper.

Tweeting aside, its a hilarious riposte to a video and one that fits perfectly into the Friday Funnies slot here on RD. Hopefully Valentines foot heals nicely.

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