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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Play On the Movie - Official trailer

Play On the Movie - Official trailer

What a great time to be a rugby fan. Not only is coverage on television and online at an all time high, but the international rugby community is now being treated to yet another rugby movie. This one however, is a little different as its fully funded and made by rugby people, not Hollywood.

Play On is the story of a Scottish rugby star who fails to live up to his legendary fathers ideals and successes, both as a player and as a man. Keir Kilgour fails to grasp the ethos of the game as professionalism has a bad effect on the pampered young player and he lives in his fathers shadow.

He decides to leave his country and heads to the US in search of fame and fortune in the NFL. He fast becomes a small fish in a big pond, resulting in him playing amateur rugby with a group of regular guys in Kansas City. Its there that he finds the true meaning of teamwork, loyalty, and courage - all the ideals rugby was built on.

He returns home with his new team as he attempts to regain the respect once afforded to him by his family and friends. In the end, Keir has to choose between his own ideals or those of his Scotland rugby legend father's.

Last year we saw the launch of Invictus, a big budget film that failed to connect with a lot of rugby fans. Another rugby movie, Forever Strong, was also somewhat of a flop as its clichd storyline, combined with some less than convincing rugby action, meant that not everyone was convinced. Play On is different in that its written, produced, and funded by rugby players. It stays true to the sport while telling a great rugby story.

It will be launched exclusively online, another first. What that means is that users around the globe will be able to access the film easily and promptly. The goal is to get the rugby community behind the film, then have it transcend to other viewers, exposing them to the real reasons why we play and watch this wonderful team sport.

A viral campaign has begun and by backing the movie, Rugbydump hopes to make all site visitors aware of its upcoming release, which will be December of this year. Become a fan of the Play On Facebook page to keep up to date as well as watch other sneak previews, post your own pictures, and win great prizes.

The full movie will be launched at playonthemovie.com in the form of a paid for stream and/or download. By signing up to watch, you will be entered into a draw to win a trip to New Zealand in October next year, a special time on the rugby calendar. For the first time you can have a direct impact on the success of a rugby movie. Lets get behind it and spread the word.

Visit the official website at Playonthemovie.com for extra videos, photos, and special features. A draw will be held to select anyone who has posted a picture playing rugby on the site, and they will win a prize as incentive to populate the site. Become a fan on Facebook to stay updated on launch date and all other upcoming promotions. Play On.

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