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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Florian Fritz gives the finger after red for dangerous tackle

Florian Fritz gives the finger after red for dangerous tackle

Earlier today Wasps beat Toulouse with a last gasp try by David Lemi as the scores were tied. Highlights of the game will be posted soon, but for now here's the controversial red card decision that saw Florian Fritz take an early exit.

Richard Haughton, who was excellent all day, sparked a brilliant breakout before a cross kick left Tom Varndell in space as Wasps looked dangerous in what was a fantastic game of rugby.

As Toulouse did well to get back in defence, Florian Fritz lifted and dumped Varndell in what was deemed to be a dangerous tackle by referee Alain Rolland. Rolland seemed to have little doubt, showing the straight red card without much hesitation or consultation with his assistants.

Fritz was understandably shocked, but his middle fingered gesture while walking off the pitch will leave most fans with little sympathy, and will more than likely land him in hot water with the ERC, who dont take kindly to that type of behaviour.

Whether or not the tackle actually was worthy of a red card is up to you to decide. The intent to lift and dump the player is obviously what tipped - for lack of a better word- Rolland in favour of issuing the red, even though the way that Varndell landed seemed fairly safe.

The finger by Fritz isnt forgivable though, and while he obviously lost his head and let his emotions got the better of him, a disciplinary hearing will be forthcoming.

There were many games this weekend with plenty of great moments. If you spotted anything that youd like featured, please post a comment on the requests forum or send in an email .

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