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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rugby behind bars - Unit 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rugby behind bars - Unit 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina

As anyone whos ever played rugby knows, the sport and its culture has a unique factor that can be life changing in many ways. Inmates at a Buenos Aires prison have been lucky enough to be exposed to the game, and have since flourished.

Someone posted a link to this video on the forum earlier today so I had a look, and its got to be said, its quite moving. Despite the guys involved being hardened criminals subjected to a life behind bars, the joy they get from playing is great to see.

Through the initiative of one inmate, this prison in Argentina took on a rugby program to give those who stay there another outlook on life, and a means to get rid of extra pent up tension and aggression.

Yes theyre criminals, and being in prison is punishment for what theyve done, but theyre just human and if rugby can be the means of reformation, surely it's worth giving them that.

It seems to have worked too, as these guys not only got fit and trained hard whenever possible, but were also able to play a game in the outside world, with their family on the sidelines.

Its fascinating viewing, and just another example of why this is such a great metaphor for life. Respect, honour, humility. If nothing else, at least some of those in Unit 9, and now other facilities around the world, will have learnt something through playing the great game of rugby.

Time: 06:41
Note: Thanks to Total Rugby for the great feature

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