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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Super Rugby 2011 highlights - Round 2

Super Rugby 2011 highlights - Round 2

Round two of Super Rugby got under way in the backdrop of the devastation in Christchurch, with the Canterbury vs Hurricanes game actually being called off. There were six other matches though, so here are highlights of each of those.

This year the hype around Super Rugby has been intensified with the name change and of course, the extra team. Fans who don't normally watch it have been expecting miracles, but at the end of the day it's the same tournament and is well followed around the globe.

Those in the UK have been disappointed with Sky Sports' coverage at times, and those outside of the main rugby territories have been somewhat stranded this year with little or no means to watch the games.

With that in mind, I've put together a once off package of highlights that cover each and every game, showing the main scoring points and one or two extra moments from the matches.

What that does is allows you to catch up with everything that happened, and gives Rugbydump time to focus on the more interesting stuff for the rest of the week. Short clips of funny moments, big tackles, perhaps the odd brilliant try.

You know the drill, so if you spotted anything in Super Rugby (or indeed any other tournament on the weekend), please do get in touch with match details and the time of an incident, and RD will attempt to do the rest.

So here you go, short highlights of all six matches are below, brought to you in the form of a playlist. Simply click the button to the right of play to bring up the menu, or hit play to sit back and watch every game's clip. Once one ends, it'll jump automatically to the next. Enjoy.

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