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Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Of Hard Knocks 2011 - Episode 1

School Of Hard Knocks 2011 - Episode 1

The School of Hard Knocks is back this year with another thoroughly enjoyable series that is set to take you through the highs and lows of building a rugby team from scratch with a group of unemployed Londoners. This is episode one.

It's not the first time this excellent production has been shown on RD, with the previous few series' proving to be really popular amongst young and old. We've even had a few of the guys who took part in the show getting in contact, and also commenting here on the site a few times.

If you're unfamiliar with it, the show features former Test stars Will Greenwood and Scott Quinnell as they go about recruiting unemployed youths, this time from Croydon in London. The aim is to get them involved in a rugby team that will hopefully help to change their lives by teaching them lessons both on and off the field.

Discipline, respect, and drive is lacking in many of their directionless lives, even for those who come from privileged backgrounds, so it's fascinating to watch as the coaches form as mentors.

In the first episode they do a bit of recruitment and then head off to meet WBA World Heavyweight champion David Haye, who shows them what it takes to do a bit of training in his world. A few stars stand out, while Will takes a shot in the stomach that he'd rather forget.

The show is already up to the fourth episode so if you're in the UK, you can watch it on Sky Sports 1 on Monday nights. We'll hopefully have all the episodes for you here on RD. If you enjoy it and want to see more, please say so as your feedback is important.

It's 48 minutes long, so kick back, hit the full screen button, and enjoy. 

Time: 48:08

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