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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Racing Metro cruise to victory over Toulouse in Paris

Racing Metro cruise to victory over Toulouse in Paris

Racing Metro eased to a 43-21 home win over rivals Toulouse in Paris on Saturday, scoring three unanswered tries and closing the gap at the top of the Top 14 table to just a single point.

The bonus point victory came from tries to Julien Saubade, John Leoo, and Sebastien Chabal. Flyhalf Jonathan Wisniewski kicked six penalties and two conversions, as well as an impressive long range drop goal.

Freddie Michalak kicked seven penalties for the visitors for a personal haul of 21 points.

"I would like to congratulate my players because they remained alert for the whole 80 minutes," said Racing's sporting director Pierre Berbizier.

"It is really a wonderful win. I hope we can continue on this level. Our next challenge is to keep our feet on the ground."

Chabal, who was criticised for his performances for France of late, came off the bench and scored shortly after with a powerful charge from the base of the scrum, driving up and through French captain Thierry Dusautoir.

The following video is almost ten minutes long, and features extended highlights of the game.

Time: 09:29

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 4:06 pm

i love weed and dubstep and being first

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 4:14 pm

Surely the fact that it was the first time Racing had played at the Stade de France and packed it out is worth a mention?

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GTI March 31, 2011 4:36 pm

Interesting to see racing filling the whole stadium.
Would like to know wether the fans there were all racing supporters or just the same guys that go into the stadium when stade france is playing there.
Another thing i dont understand is why the derby Racing-Stade francaise is not played at stade de france - i mean this derby should really fill a whole stadium.
A last question: What for a cup is this?

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Russell March 31, 2011 4:38 pm

chabal has done his one good thing for the year. Back to being average and living off a few tackles and charges...

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Oli March 31, 2011 4:42 pm

Wisniewski had a cracker, hope we'll see more from thz young man in the future!

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 4:44 pm

The cup is the "Trophe de Coubertin". It's just between Stade Toulousain and Racing Metro.

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alsyaz March 31, 2011 4:49 pm

crazy try from Chabal after several horrid matches with France

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 4:51 pm

DMZ Purple haze and racing metro fucking toulouse is best

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nicmaheu March 31, 2011 5:35 pm

its been a long time since i saw chabal do something good...

nice try, not the best tackle by dussotoir

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 6:03 pm

@GTI: actually, I was there and unlike Stade Franais, Racing Metro have real supporters: the whole pink shit drived us (Parisiens)away from this team, so now a Parisian team is in the elite there's been some kind of switch...among the players as well: Bergamasco, Hernandez...

@Russel: Chabal is actually excellent at being an impact player. It's been a few years since he was brilliant by coming in at the 60th minute. He's more of a sprinter, breaks a few bones and cannot say he just lives of a few tackles, although he's not as technical as guys like Harinordoquy or Sowerby, he really has unequaled statistics...

as for our n10, Jonathan Wisnieski, well he shows some o'gara moves...would be amazing to see him as the French n10, Trinh Duc as a 12 and Fritz as a 13... because one of the problems of the actual French squad is that Trinh Duc cannot release the pressure of his team by kicking accurately and finding, for example, distant touchlines...

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 6:16 pm

lookeed pretty brutal that game

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Colombes March 31, 2011 6:21 pm

Ok, ill be a bit biased here, as racing is my team !)
Quite impressive performance by the racingmen. That's Not everyday to score forty pts to Toulouse.

Furthermore, the club prove that they dont just engage a bench of mercenaries. Young lads like wisniewski, chavancy, noirot, fall, saubade perfectly follow leaders like nallet, chabal, steyn or durand. Contrarly to Sf, they want to ne back as a true and historic top14 fortress

Concernin chabal, he still have his huge physic impact behind the scrum but he must work his offloads and pass skills to travel in new zealand with les bleus.
Toulouse seemed tired, as dusautoir injury confirmed it. but they Will be usual favorites in every competitions in April

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 9:28 pm

lol chabal has been so woefull for les blues, here he seems to shine

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Canadian content March 31, 2011 10:02 pm

Weak tackle by a pro, dusatoir, picking his spots to put in a limited effort at the end of a sure loss.

Good low body position n drive by chabal, lifted dusatoir right off his feet. Thierry will not like that video as it certainly showed a lack of commitment.

Very hard to like chabal as he loves to posture so and was being a goof in the end zone after scoring. Once again he may go to nz do nothing against the top teams and have a huge run against a second tier team and everyone will say oh la, la.

If he has impressive stats please list them

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Anonymous March 31, 2011 11:07 pm

Canadian content.

We do not say "oh, la, la", as well you do not eat maple syrup every 8 hours.

As for Chabal, we certainly know better than other his limits. On my opinion, I would like to bring Picamoles (Toulouse #8 who played awesome in NZ back in 2009 in Dunedin & Wellington). But he was involved in the "Bastareaud's incident", so I assume he would never fly to NZ for the RWC. I guess NZ & France has an agreement regarding Basta & Picamoles. That's fair regarding the situation they created!

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English Neil March 31, 2011 11:16 pm

Good to see Chabal with a little fire in him, guess being unceremoniously dropped from the national squad got him up, not down, which is a good thing. Hope to see more of the same

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Jono April 01, 2011 1:23 am

What a great crowd.

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Bob April 01, 2011 5:03 am

Dear Mr. Rugby Dump,

I realise that this should be posted in the forum, but as I haven't signed up there, I shall post it here.

There is currently a lot of debate in South Africa about the return of Butch James, and the benefits that his return will have for the Springbok rugby team. It is also alleged that he is no longer a hot head and liability on the field, and is seen as a way of neutralising SBW and Carter.

However, he apparently had a shocker on the weekend for Bath, with his discipline letting him down, and appearing to be the high tackling, conflict seeking player of the past. I was wondering if you might perhaps be able to post highlights of Butch's contributions in that game?

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orange April 01, 2011 6:26 am

I'd say Chabal plays pretty consistently at club level, doesn't he? Always seems to pull through for Racing when they need him, anyways.

It's for France that he seems to get hyped up too much and ends up falling short of what some people maybe expect of him.

But he's never a bad player to at least have on the bench.

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peter April 01, 2011 6:33 am

That was one hell of a drop goal coming from someone other than Steyn. I wasn't expecting it at all, and then boom, 3 points through the sticks!

That crowd definitely got their money's worth. Looked like a great match.

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Massif April 01, 2011 4:26 pm

french players play way too many games of rugby, its insane.. No wonder Dusautoir got injured, hes been playing almost non stop intense rugby since September!!

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AF April 02, 2011 4:45 pm

I'm wondering what the hell is Lievremont waiting for to pick Wisniewsky as first-choice 10, he's doing an amazing job despite competing with Hernandez (and, by the way, having to cope with the death of his younger brother quite recently - that's mentioned by the commentators at some point). That would be a more than reasonable choice for the World Cup, I think.

Love Justice being played as the players walk onto the pitch, must have blown fans' ears live.

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