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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Funnies - Mike Tindall and his nose on A League of Their Own

Friday Funnies - Mike Tindall and his nose on A League of Their Own

It's been a day for royalty, so sticking with that theme, here's a funny look at England captain Mike Tindall's recent appearance on the hilarious sports quiz show, A League of Their Own.

You may have noticed Tindall and wife to be, Zara Phillips, at the big wedding earlier today as part of the royal precession. They themselves will get married in Edinburgh in June, albeit with a slightly less flash affair.

Princess Anne, Zara's mother, has given her blessing to her daughter to marry the rugged rugby player, but has asked Tindall to sort out his damaged nose first. "She's a bit worried about how the wedding photos might turn out," he said.

After eight separate breaks he says he's had surgery on it before, which didn't turn out too well.

"I had two metal plates inserted up my nose to keep it straight. The very next game, I was playing for Gloucester against Northampton and one of their players put in a high tackle. He pressed his thumbs on my nose and...crunch! The metal plates popped out on to the pitch.

"I'm not keen to do it again."

There has been talk about the nose being in such bad condition that any operation would be an extremely complicated procedure, therefore surely something that wouldn't be worth doing before his career comes to an end. Their big day is in two months though, so it looks like someone will need to do some serious airbrushing to the wedding photos.

As you'll see in this classic compilation of the best bits with Tindall from a recent episode of A League of Their Own, his nose comes up in conversation fairly often. There's plenty of good banter, with some great comedians (and Freddie Flintoff), so hopefully you enjoy it.

Time: 09:33

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