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Friday, July 08, 2011

Behind the scenes with the Crusaders ahead of the Super Rugby final

Behind the scenes with the Crusaders ahead of the Super Rugby final

The Crusaders underwent a serious amount of travel of late, and now find themselves in Brisbane, as they've been preparing for the biggest match of the season, the final against the Reds tomorrow. This great video takes us behind the scenes leading up to it.

The region of Canterbury has been through a lot in recent times, and the scars live on as their beloved Crusaders side have had to play away from their home ground for most of the season. On top of that, the natural disaster has robbed the city of Christchurch of their Rugby World Cup matches later this year.

Through it all, the Crusaders have continued to play their stock-standard high quality brand of attacking, intelligent rugby. The fact that they've done it away, and home-away-from-home repeatedly is a real reflection on the feeling in the squad.

They do it year after year though, somehow, and this season has been no different. In fact earlier today we shared a clip on the RD Facebook Page that showed how they've won the tournament 7 out of 15 times. That's an unbelievable achievement, and you can be sure that tomorrow they'll be confident of taking their eighth.

Of course they have the Reds to contend with, and a fired up Suncorp Stadium, but as you can see in the video below, their preparation and composure seems to be as good as ever. The team spirit, probably strengthened by what the community have gone through, is fantastic too.

This clip, made by ONSportNZ, is a great insight into what they got up to this past week, and shows that even some of the old timers aren't afraid to try their hand at planking. Enjoy, and check out ONSportNZ's youtube channel for more great clips.

Time: 04:35

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