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Friday, September 09, 2011

O2 Inside Line - Haskell Cam Exclusive

O2 Inside Line is back today, and with a slightly new twist. The one and only James Haskell is now officially in charge of the player cam as the England team attempt to find their feet over in New Zealand, as they lead up to the first game with Argentina.

You'd be mistaken for thinking that this is a video of a teambuilding trip where no matches are taking place, but one of the things that has become so vital in the professional era the spirit of the squad. The camaraderie amongst team mates needs to be right for a group of players to gel. While there are quite a few different types in the England setup, it looks as though they've got a core group that are good fun.

James Haskell is probably the loudest and most boisterous of the bunch, which made him the perfect candidate for taking over the player cam while on tour in New Zealand. The result in this first episode is 5 minutes of top quality banter.

It's good to see the not so serious side of things, which is an element of the team environment that very few are privy to experiencing. Thanks to this segment, we get a better idea of what the players get up to in their spare time, and who the jokers in the squad are.

We can only wish that we'll be able to organise something similar from other teams sometime soon too. Perhaps with twitter and other forms of social media becoming more prevalent, we'll soon get to share more of this type of thing.

For now, here's the enjoyable first of the O2 Inside Lines with Haskell at the helm. Enjoy.

To get James Haskell’s inside scoop on the England squad direct from New Zealand, as well as fun features and team chat, sign up for alerts and watch O2 Inside Line on RFU TV at

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