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Friday, September 16, 2011

Todd Clever cited for off the ball hit against Russia

USA Eagles captain Todd Clever has been cited for dangerous tackling and dangerous charging.

Update 17/09/2011: Clever cleared

The offence was deemed to be at the lower end of the scale of seriousness.

"In particular the judiciary officer determined that the contact was between the USA player's upper arm and the victim player's chest," said the judiciary statement.

"It was a glancing contact as the victim player was already falling away as a result of a legitimate tackle by another USA player. There was no adverse effect on the victim player or the match and the offence could not be described as a body check, which would have been more serious."

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Anton September 16, 2011 9:35 pm

It's very late and quite dangerous. Yellow card for sure, not sure I would recommend a suspension though.

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IrishEddie September 16, 2011 9:55 pm

If you look closely he hit the no 10 a cheap shot early in the clip, probably what the penalty was for! I'd say they missed the 2nd which was worse!! Definite yellow with a red hue;-)

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Simon September 16, 2011 10:11 pm

jeeez! Are we turning the game into a version of kickball. He set up the tackle before he offloaded. Not high so nothing wrong IMHO.

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cheyanqui September 17, 2011 2:44 am

Finally, a Yank gets a pass, rather than the book thrown at him


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Ganfy September 17, 2011 7:22 am

Cheap and late, yellow minimum. What was equally bad was after the final whistle one of the Russians went up to shake his hand and all he could do was raise his hands in a '4 1' gesture the walk off. Dont know how they play rugby in America but thats not the rugby eithics i know.

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Jack September 17, 2011 9:26 am

Nah I disagree Simon. Nothing tough about a late, no armed hit like that. Plenty of ways to assert yourself in rugby without resorting to that kind of rubbish.

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