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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Lynx Rules to Rugby Union

Every now and then we come across a viral video that is an absolute must to be shared here on the RD. At other times, we find one with half naked girls in it. That's the case today, and anything that's written after this becomes irrelevant.

The goal is to keep your attention over the next few paragraphs, so here goes. Of course, the chances are that isn't going to happen and your hand is no doubt getting twitchy already. By now you're wondering if all this build up is really worth it. I can tell you now, you're wasting your time reading. 

But, if you've made it this far and want a bit of background info, here it is. This campaign comes from Lynx Australia, and explains the rules of rugby to those of us who either don't know them, or are in desperate need of a recap. I can tell you that around the third viewing, it all starts to sink in.

The interesting bit about this, other than the scantily clad ladies tackling each other, is that there are two versions of the video. Why, you say? Well, simply because even when it comes to gratuitous use of sex to sell, there's competition between Australia and New Zealand, so there are two different endings. We've gone with the Kiwi version.

This wasn't going to get posted as it's a little tacky and has already done the rounds via social media. With a majority male audience though, and some new rugby fans who possibly still need to learn the laws, we've buckled. Enjoy, share with your friends, and feel free to post your thoughts.

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