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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Samoa's road to the Rugby World Cup 2011

A look at how a team like Samoa still struggle to get the funds needed to prepare for the RWC.

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Bas Horneman September 29, 2011 3:33 pm

Surely the RWC runs a profit? They (RWC organization) should at the very least pay for the countries that can't afford to go.

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nate September 29, 2011 3:50 pm

great video, cheers for the upload

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Dylan September 29, 2011 5:19 pm

The sentiment that northern nations would try to stop teams like samoa progressing is quite frankly disgusting. This is exactly the kind of rubbish I heard whilst in NZ recently. 'Oh aren't the northern hemisphere teams boring to watch' 'Oh look how many tries we have scored in comparsion to the northern hemisphere team'. I hate it. I hate it. Get a grip. No welsh/irish/scot/englishman would want to see Samoa or Fiji etc suffer at our hands. The complaints in this video are mixed. Some, like the lack of funding is justified.

The IRB should definatley be doing more to improve south sea nations, which they have started doing by building a high performance centre in Samoa.

However, things like players who have been capped by other countries should be allowed to swap teams, that is rubbish I'm afraid. If the player decides they want to have a crack at the ABs and they only get a few caps, it would be horrendous of the IRB to allow them to swap, absouletly dreadful, even the thought is awful. If that happened you would see players switcing when they like, and having no loyalty. 'Oh you won't pick me anymore coach? That's ok I'll go play for a team who will pick me'.

As for getting more games against T1 countries, look at SANZAR. They added Argentina to the tri-nations because they performed well at RWC 07. If Samoa were to perform like that, I'm sure you would see a similar result. Don't look to the 6nations fo help on this one, we are not a viable option for the south sea islands to play regularly against T1 countries.

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medicaluke September 29, 2011 7:01 pm

The funding is something that definitely needs to be addressed and is about the only legitimate claim in that video. However, I did read that this world cup is being run at a loss, which explains a lot of the predicament. The funding issue needs to be addressed by the IRB and that can't be blamed on any other RFU.

I agree with most of what Dylan says. I am sure that ALL t1 teams would love for more competition. As if Wales or any other team is "scared" of Samoa. They thrive at the competition, as do all other teams.
The notion that a player can jump teams if he is no longer good enough to be picked for the all blacks is ridiculous. Football (soccer) makes you ineligible if you appear for 1 minute for a country and that is how it should stay. If a player decides to desert his nation, then later realises it is the wrong idea, then the player is the only person to be blamed. No one else. Not other countries. The player, who evidently picked money and apparent glory, over his country.
Where would the line be drawn? 5 minutes? 40 minutes? 1 match? 5 matches? This doesn't just affect small teams. There are many international stars not playing for the country they were born in. What would stop them from suddenly deciding to change which team they played for? "Oh you've already played once for All Blacks, but we'll pay you $500,000 if you switch to the Australia because your mother was born here, so you'd qualify." Yeah I can see how this would work...

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