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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fight Night in France - Agen vs Biarritz mass brawl

Biarritz moved out of the Top 14 relegation zone last night with a 15-6 win over Agen in a match that was fiery to say the least. Dimitri Yachvili kicked most of their points for their second successive win, following on from th 25-6 win over Toulon last weekend. 

Marcelo Bosch kicked a dropgoal to make up their total score as they beat a determined Agen side to move into third from the bottom of the table. That position is subject to other results this weekend however.

"We needed this success to back-up our win over Toulon and confirm our form," said prop Sylvain Marconnet. "It's all smiles in the dressing room. We'll savour this win and we continue with this spirit then we will be on our way. Of that, I'm absolutely certain," he added.

In tryless game in bitter conditions, things soon got heated and with twenty minutes left, the gloves came off following a bit of foul play off the ball at the lineout. Marconnet, and quite possibly 29 other players and officials, got in the thick of it as things boiled over.

While the original instigator appeared to be Benoit Guyot as he struck an Agen forward on the floor, flanker Wenceslas Lauret was shown yellow for what appears to be escalating the fight. Damien Lagrange was also sent to cool down for ten minutes.

Biarritz are already facing all sorts of sanctions for their part in the chaos with Imanol Harinordoquy's father against Bayonne recently, so you can be sure this won't be taken lightly, and a few suspensions will follow for both sides. 

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cheyanqui January 07, 2012 7:43 pm

#7 Biarritz drops like a sack of potatoes at the beginning. Fresh off that video from earlier in the week of his fellow hooker doing the same thing.

Save the play acting for the drama club boys.

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Merja January 07, 2012 7:54 pm

Biarritz #7 is a disgrace. The man punches Agen's player on the ground, and then he pretends to have been hit and falls Ronaldo-like...
That kind of behavior deserves no more than a big stamping between the legs, where his man parts once were.

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D-Matt January 07, 2012 8:13 pm

Finally some rugby.

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moddeur January 07, 2012 8:57 pm

I love it how someone from the Agen bench holds the beast Narjissi back as if on a leash, as this player (a decent hooker) isn't exactly known for his ability to discuss trivialities with opponents without resorting to fisticuffs.
This muddy match was horribly boring on the attacking side of things, but was really thrilling in terms of combat. When the fight started, you could just feel everyone ready to boil over ...

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tl250 January 07, 2012 9:04 pm

This must be why Biarritz are bottom of the Top 14, someone has replace their squad (or at least #2 and #7 with nancy boys.

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themull January 07, 2012 9:20 pm

Number 7 deserves a red for starting the whole thing for nothing..he threw a guy driving at him to the ground and then punched him while he had him on the ground...Maybe give the retaliating player a yellow...

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themull January 07, 2012 9:20 pm

No 7 Black that is

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Guest January 08, 2012 12:41 am

Imanol's dad would have been in his element there

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Pretzel January 08, 2012 12:43 am

Is it me or did that no.7 black sort of fall funny....could this be another "Play-act" or was he actually stunned...?

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Sankeor January 08, 2012 4:57 am

Hahaha, and the commentator: "it's been a long time we haven't seen such pictures in Top 14..."

And as a matter of fact Agen is involved ! For sure they know something about fighting spirit, and I'm a bit surprised Agen coaches Deylaud and Lanta didn't take part in the scuffle !
Reminds me of this, in september:

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bnations January 09, 2012 8:58 pm

Isn't that them mixing it up with the player in black starting at 40 seconds into the video?

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UHtiger January 08, 2012 10:10 am

Bahahaha now the number 7.

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Erik January 08, 2012 1:26 pm

Why does this seem to happen a lot on the French fields? The French comp. is beginning to be a disgrace because of all the on-field violence, they should learn some manners.

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Pretzel January 08, 2012 2:02 pm

the french have always been fist friendly.... its not new...

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Erik January 08, 2012 9:45 pm

No excuse tho, they should be positive examples for children, not incite them to be violent.

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Pretzel January 08, 2012 11:41 pm

I'd say french rugby has been a pretty positive example for children, ever watch the french rugby matches about 5 years ago? Fighting was almost just as much part of the sport as it is in ice hockey, listen to Victor Matfield when he said he enjoyed rugby over there but had to improve his boxing skills...

Therefore I'd say they are working pretty well on reducing the scraps, that being said, its a contact sport, there is a lot at stake... so tempers are bound to boil over. Fighting in rugby is not old in ANY country therefore I'm pretty sure "the children" will survive...

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filth January 08, 2012 3:46 pm

Good referring, nothing wrong with a bit of a ding dong, no one got hurt in that fight. This is good to see, bit of aggression back in rugby

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Rodofle January 09, 2012 1:01 am

Biarritz is a shame to French rugby, just a bunch of acting idiots.

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