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Monday, February 06, 2012

Wales seal victory with late kick in Six Nations thriller against Ireland

Leigh Halfpenny was the man of the hour for Wales on the weekend, slotting a last minute penalty to snatch a thrilling 23-21 win over Ireland in a dramatic Six Nations match in Dublin on Sunday.

In what was a passionate encounter, tempers were clearly at the fore for each side as the home team looked to avenge their defeat to the Welsh in the world cup last year.

Yet Wales played with an energy that Ireland failed to match, and two tries by centre Jonathon Davies and one from George North provided the platform for this impressive result.

Both sides exchanged scores in the first half, but Wales were made to rue fly-half Rhy Priestland’s wayward goal kicking as he missed several attempts at the sticks, allowing the Irish to go in at half time 10-3 up, courtesy of a try from hooker Rory Best and 5 points from Johnny Sexton.

Wales returned after the interval without their talismanic captain Sam Warburton - who picked up a dead leg – but showed strength and power in attack, typified through the impressive North who set-up another score for Davies.

However, Ireland found some spark of their own through Tommy Bowe who scored in the corner and at 21-15 with five minutes on the clock, looked to have the match; however, the Welsh had other plans and cut the lead to one-point with a try from North.

Stephen Ferris was then sin-binned for a dangerous tackle on Ian Evans and Halfpenny held his nerve to slot over the last-gasp penalty and condemn the Irish to their first defeat in the opening game of the Six Nations for eight years.

Following the match, Ireland Coach Declan Kidney was left to rue his side’s missed chances:

"It is extremely disappointing. We had a lead early in the second half but we did not build on it. When we do press ahead we have to go for the jugular. We are going to have to look at being more ruthless," he said.

It was a classic match with many talking points, so feel free to discuss below.

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cheyanqui February 06, 2012 1:27 pm

The way George North ran over the Irish leaving them on their backs with their eyes closed, you'd think they were facing Peter North.

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Merja February 06, 2012 6:57 pm

I wish I hadn't googled that on my girlfriend's computer...

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WelshOsprey February 06, 2012 1:36 pm

Some shocking reffing but still a great game. George north absolutely destroyed the irish 13 for jon davies' second try.

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Cardiff Blues Fan February 06, 2012 1:38 pm

What a hit on the Irish outside centre to set up THAT off-load for JD's try. Bowe had some gorgeous moments too. Bradley Davies' tackle was way worse than Ferris'. SF was a bit unlucky, BD was very lucky. The back-row battle was immense and BOD badly missed. Two great teams very closely matched giving everything. The best match I've seen for ages.

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Fettsack February 06, 2012 2:15 pm

Great game overall. Very good back line from the welsh, awesome work for George North on the second Davies try.
Ireland played a good game but Wales deserved the final win even though the last penalty is harsh because Ferris doesn't seem to really tip the player over. Penalty maybe but no yellow.
The first yellow card on Bradley Davies should have been red because he clearly makes an effort to put the player into the ground head first and with no ball! Straight red from me.

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Curates_Egg February 06, 2012 2:22 pm

Wales was the better side and deserved the win. It is a shame that a referee makes the decisive play but Wales were worth the win.

One thing I did not expect was that Ireland would turn up with exactly the same performance and gameplan (or lack thereof) as in New Zealand.

The defensive line was brutal - gave Wales so much space but hardly surprising given we have one man expected to be the backs coach, the attacking coach and the defensive coach.

There were some good individual performances: POC, Best, Heaslip, Kearney, McFadden and Sexton (Bowe was like the little girl who had a little curl, ditto Ferris). Just no team performance and a very bad playbook.
Murray was not good at all - his box kicking was brutal, his running too (the two times he decided to break, it was never on). He gave some very good passes (run up to Best's try) and some very bad ones.

Wales were supposedly depleted but they looked very impressive. Their main problem will be the line-out, now they will be without another second row.

Wardie is on the money:

You guys will have to hope for a miracle or else it will be a long, cold night in St Denis.

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Spud February 06, 2012 2:30 pm

Any chance we could get a video of the two yellow card tackles RD? Would like another look at the Davies/Ryan one anyway, seeing as no word on him being cited yet. Disappointing match for Ireland, but hats off to the Welsh backline.

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Andy February 06, 2012 2:41 pm

Great game, wales may have deserved to win, but my god if that tackle by ferris is deemed as foul play then wow. And they say that football is a girls sport...

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themull February 06, 2012 2:48 pm

Wales deserved the win in the end, Irish defense was terrible and France will murder them next week if they don't drastically improve in that area...

But that was the worst reffere performance I've seen in years, I've disliked that ref for a long time, he can't ref the breakdown what so ever, far too inconsistent

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Smashy Smashy February 06, 2012 2:49 pm

As we are looking to have videos of foul play. How about including the deliberate knock on by Bowe that should have been a yellow and Murray leading in with the knee into J. Davies after the second Welsh try that could also merit a citing.
Bradley Davies was an idiot yesterday and it should have been a straight red.

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Askelkana February 07, 2012 8:44 am

Also at 3:12 you can see O'Connell hanging on to Ryan Jones' feet. Jones then proceeds to thump him, which brings Ferris into the fray. O'Connell was doing that throughout the match, the cheating b45t4rd!

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Huh!! the 3rd February 07, 2012 11:35 am

Smashy Smashy

Sorry but Murray clearly pulled out of that and made no contact with Davies when some others (Lawes) would've gone straight through him.

Everyone else

While I didn't see the match and only got these highlights, the same problems exist all the time, namely everyone is in agreement that D'arcy is well past his sell by date, most of us have been saying this for 2/3 years now yet is still there for some unfathomable reason. I wonder if BOD wasn't injured would he still be there.

Also, Ire fans need to recognise that Wales are better than us and our newer players aren't the same as the "golden generation".

And as a longtime Munster fan, all the sites I've read today seem to be copy and paste jobs re: Ire should play like Ulster and Leinster. I agree with that, as Ulster and Leinster put 50 points on top English teams in England all the time... and Bath don't count because they are shit.

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rbieshaw February 07, 2012 6:00 pm

If murray merits a citing then there is something wrong with the game and james hook also made a deliberate knock on while ireland were in wales 22. But i agree with you over the Davies/Ryan ordeal.

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bez February 06, 2012 3:01 pm

Bradley Davies should be banned for the rest of the year for the off the ball spear tackle on Ryan! For all who are saying that Wales deserved to win clearly didnt watch the game. Ireland were controling the game, Wales only played in parts. However I have to admit that the Irish midfield was pathetic, how D'Arcy is still playing at international level I do not know. When Ulster played Leinster, he was outplayed by Ulsters centres who were both making their debuts!! McFaden shouldnt even be anywhere near the Irish team!!!

On a positive note Andy Trimble finally got a more than deserved start and showed his worth, as did Kearny, Ferris, Bowe, Murray, Sexton, Best.

Ireland should not be trying to play in the Munster style i.e. territorial and snap a late win with a dropgoal. They should be playing like Ulster and Leinster as this is what the majority of the team prefer to play!!!!!!!!!

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patedelievre February 06, 2012 3:13 pm

Wales are definitely favorites for the Tournament, if not for Grand Slam! Such a pity there are too many strangers in Top 14, otherwise all our young talents would have their shot...
see Doussain who cannot play coz of Burgess (who, besides his cost, isn't far better than Doussain) and Buttin in Clermont who only gets Lee Byrne's leftovers...although, yet again, it is absolutely not proven that Byrne's better. Then you have Germain

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Pretzel February 06, 2012 3:35 pm

Extremely disappointed with the refereeing with regards to the yellow card tackles!

By all standards if Warburtons tackle was a red then BD should have been publicly flogged, castrated then hanged drawn and quartered.... Then Ferris yellow?!?!? for what?!?!?!

I enjoyed watching the game and generally thought the Welsh deserved the win for their overall play but there was no way Ferris' tackle was worth a yellow card. I mean I don't want to sound like a sad old tw*t especially at my ripe old age of 24 but has rugby gone soft or what?!?!?

But realistically I have no idea how Warburtons could equal a red and BD's equal a yellow....

I'm with everyone on the topic that the IRB needs to seriously draw a bloody diagram showing us all what they consider a dangerous tackle to be...

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stroudos February 06, 2012 3:49 pm

Warren Gatland, speaking before any citing decision:

"I think there's intent and if you look at that and ask me, there's definitely an intent in there," said Gatland.

"So I wouldn't argue with the decision of that being given a red card."

Gatland thinks Davies has been cited by Italian citing commissioner Achille Reali after his indiscretion in Sunday's thrilling showdown in Dublin.

And the coach told the 25-year-old second row forward, who was also yellow carded in Wales' 2011 Six Nations win in Scotland, he must be more disciplined in international rugby.

"It's not local club rugby where you get away with those things," said Gatland.

"We've got the very best referees in the world, you've got to keep your head.

"You can't get caught up in the moment and have ill-discipline, because that does cost you.

"Our staff in the box who had a look at it thought it should have been a red card. Yeah, it should have been a red card.

"We said to the players afterwards 'just stop hurting ourselves by giving away stupid penalties or stupid yellow cards, you just can't keep doing it to yourselves.'

"I thought the one in the World Cup wasn't intent and that was the difference in terms of the interpretation of the law."

Good on him. There's a time and a place for loyalty to your players and equally for calling them out as being idiotic and jeopardising their team's chances.

However, he wants to check the phrasing of the law, because I don't think "intent" features in it - it bloody well should do, in my opinion, but I'm pretty sure the IRB directives simply say penalised and card any/every incidence of this type of tackle.

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Reality February 06, 2012 5:39 pm

Ferris's yellow card was absolute BS, but having said that, how crap are Ireland? I mean three teams in the Heineken Cup quarter-finals, talent all over the place, yet they're still terrible. I can't wait for Declan ten-man-rugby Kidney to go away forever and let someone decent coach the team. With him we've had one good year and then 3 years of absolute crap. Even if under Eddie O'Sullivan they didn't win anything they were at least consistently very, very good, with the exception of his last year.

The Irish backline are just tiny compared to everyone else. Why does he insist on having Gordon D'arcy in the centre? Put James Downey and Tommy Bowe there. And then Andrew Trimble who has been the star back in Irish rugby for the last year only gets to play because Earls was moved to the centre? It's madness! And Donncha O'Callaghan who doesn't even start for Munster is in the starting 15? I think Kidney must actually be out of his mind.

And fair play to Gatland for admitting how fortunate Wales were with the yellow cards.

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Colombes February 06, 2012 7:31 pm

Agree with your irish game style analysis
The Munster 10 rugby was working well few years ago with precedent IRB rules, as the munstermen were the shadow masters of rucks
Ireland has the players to play an open game with bowe, trimble or fitzgerald.
they should be inspired by teams like wales who try to play a complete and ambitious game

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DaRabman February 06, 2012 5:47 pm

I think the Davies tackle should have been a straight red, but I sympathise with Wayne Barnes. He didn't see the tackle and so had to make the call completely under the touch judge's recommendation, who probably didn't want to have the responsibility of sending off a player. Then, when Barnes saw a similar challenge in the 79th minute, he probably showed the yellow card in the name of 'consistency', ironically.
Ultimately, I don't think the whole affair was a game changer. Wales were stronger, and Ferris' tackle should have yielded a penalty, if not a yellow card.

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i love bacon February 06, 2012 6:36 pm

Must be the curse of the goidelics. The Q-Celts in the form of the Irish and Scottish sides, for the past few years now, seem to be at various levels of inability in terms of finishing.

Even in games where they really should dominate, or do dominate, I always have a closeted fear that at any minute, they'll throw in the towel and the other side will rally back and win.

For the Irish, the only game I can think of that they were unrelenting side - the kind that deserves to win matches - was against Australia in the pool matches of the WC. Maybe against SA a couple years back. But every other game in that time period, I feel like Donncha O'Callaghan at the end of this weekend's match, face in hands, anxiously awaiting the moment when the Irish totally fuck up a good thing.

But hey, well done Wales. If they can just get rid of the silly indiscipline, they have a good shot at being the best team in the NH at the moment. Possibly. But who knows anymore...

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LDN February 06, 2012 7:09 pm

Agree with most sentiments, well done Wales but Ireland need a drastic change in the way they are coached. The only thing that could change my opinion on that is if they played rampaging, try scoring rugby in the next 4 games - not going to happen. Ditch Kidney after this championship, please don't prolong the malaise!

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brawnybalboa February 06, 2012 8:55 pm

Wales deserved to win, they were clearly the better side although the score did not reflect this. Leigh Halfpenny has to assume the role as first choice kicker as Priestland missed 8 points worth of kicks. You cannot miss kick after kick in international rugby! Wales now need to find another second row, as with Alun Wyn Jones & Charteris out injured and Davies likely cited, only Ian Evans remains.

The referee had a shocker. His lengthy gap between "Pause........Engage" at the scrums caused problems early on. In the build up to the first Sexton Penalty Mike Phillips was tackled in the air before touching the ball! He allowed the break down to be repeatedly spoilt and slowed down by the Irish, he also probably gave the daftest yellow card decision in the tournament to Ferris (even if it was a yellow card offence, why bother give it in the 80th minute). He also generous in playing long advantages. The advantage rule was written to enable the non-offending team to gain sufficient territory or tactical advantage. On more than one occasion yesterday the non-offending side advanced 20m forward over 5 phases of play and was still being given the original advantage. Does gaining 20m in territory not class as sufficient?

The linesmen also had poor games. The first could not determine if Jonathan Davies scored a straight forward try despite being close with a clear line of sight. The second determined that Bradley Davies deserved only a yellow card. Awful!

Has anyone noticed POC, Ryan Jones & Stephen Ferris having a dust up in the back-ground at 3:13?

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mise February 06, 2012 9:58 pm

Ireland didn't deserve to either win or loose. Should have been able to close it out. Wales were stronger, dominated first 20 mins especially.

Linesman should be cited for BD tackle.

Ferris left one leg on the ground therefore it wasn't a tip tackle - Wayne Barnes you moron! And isnt the tip tackle also about failing to place the player safely - that was a reasonably safe put down. (But Uldterlads need to learn from Leinster and Munster - never give the ref the opportunity to make a vital mistake that could cost u the game. Paddy Wallace 2009 against Wales anyone?!?!)

Check out the tommy bowe juggle before the ball went out, which led directly to a try for Wales. The ball DOES NOT TOUCH THE GROUND. Seriously. It bounces from Bowe to the, wait for it, cameraman's camera. This leads directly to a Wales' try. Doesn't the ball have to hit the ground to be used again directly?

BOD badly missed by Ireland - small but so powerful in the tackle and at the breakdown.

Downey should be brought in for a trial/go, O Mahony from squad to full team, Ryan instead of O Callaghan - all prob for the match after France (based on Kidney's conservatism)

Those big Welsh lads have a lot of momentum behind them - good luck to them.

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Sankeor February 07, 2012 1:54 am

Hahaha, I like the BBC commentator "I do not see that as being remotely dangerous" about the last penalty, and few seconds later saying "dramatic, controversial, exciting..." about the match. I didn't see the match but sure will manage to see it soon, looked fairly amazing !
One thing though, after the welsh tragedy during the rwc, I think it's going take a while for the refs to dare give a red to Wales. That's the only reason I can find for Pearson advising a yellow for the Davies tackle, and I'm not even surprised.

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IrishGary February 07, 2012 2:50 am

as tana umaga and davis showed its ok to spear tackle irish players, but a frenchman or a new zealander getting speared will always be a red card, ref bottled it big time

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Max February 07, 2012 2:57 am

It is so obvious that the Ferris and Davies tackles were not equal. It was tough on Barnes though to suggest he reffed the Davies tackle badly as it was on recommendation from the linesman and he did not see it. Therefore when Ferris made a tip tackle he had to be consistent. Although it wasn't a bad tackle, Ferris is a good player and MUST know that tip tackles are incredibly dodgy to do. Every time a player does one in top level rugby now, they run the risk of being penalized at the very list. He should have known better.

Wales deserved to win, especially after scoring that try with a man down. It negated the other unfortunate incidences in the game.

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stroudos February 07, 2012 10:47 am

Let's see how this comment goes down then.
I think Ian Evans "dived" for the Ferris tip tackle.

4:58 - look at the grin on his face as he gets up and taps Ferris on the head. OK, he could just be happy because he knows the implication of what's just happened, but it intrigued me.

So with that in mind, when you then watch the replays at 5:22 and 5:28 it does look as though Evans is actively propelling his head downwards. In my view, he's doing that deliberately in order to draw a penalty. Look at how his other leg doesn't even leave the ground in any significant way - Ferris is in complete control of the tackle.

Bradley Davies on the hand should be facing a very, very long ban, in my opinion. Off the ball, intent to injure the player, no control over the landing (in actual fact there's deliberate downward momentum). Pretty much tried to insert Ryan into the ground in a cynical and vengeful way. How Pearson could have seen all that from under 5m away, clearly enough to describe perfectly what had happened, and only recommend a yellow is absolutely mystifying.

I think there were some comments somewhere along lines that Ryan deserved to be penalised for the charge on Adam Jones - which is clearly what Davies was reacting to. I cannot see anything wrong with what Ryan's done there. The ball's still in the ruck, Jones is fair game, Ryan has come "through the gate" and driven Jones backward using perfectly legitimate technique.

(Just to confirm, all of the above is written from a 100% neutral perspective).

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Pretzel February 07, 2012 1:30 pm

I don't necessarily agree that he deliberately propelled his head downwards, I personally don't see it, however even if he DID do it, this is still a million miles away from a penalty in my eyes let alone a yellow! I mean, for those that really do go on the old "rugby has gone soft" rampage this is a pure example to back up their claims, if this can genuinely be a yellow card then I'm saddened!

Has anyone heard anything from the IRB? do they comment on incorrect decisions?! Would they openly say "yeup, we are encouraging our referees to NOT yellow card players with tackles like ferris... we f'ed up this time forgive us.." or do they just keep quiet?

As for Davies tackle, that is red card worthy and I'm shocked that the recommendation was a yellow....ESPECIALLY as it was worse than warburtons!! (which I felt should have just got a yellow at most!)

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Eggman February 07, 2012 1:48 pm

Both players have been cited for the incidents.
I excpect that Davies will get a pretty tough ban (considering Wharburton got a red card and a 3 week ban). Maybe 3-5 weeks I'd think..
I doubt Ferris will get any additional punishment, though I'm not too sure about that one.

The length of the ban will probably be the irb saying how far they agree with the referee's decision.

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Pretzel February 07, 2012 6:07 pm

It's a frigging travesty that Ferris has been cited....

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kentish exile February 07, 2012 3:18 pm

On the day Wayne Barnes brandished a yellow card to Ferris in an attempt to keep a degree of consistency, how much he actually saw of the whole incident is debatable as you can see (4.52) he is peering round someone to get a better view.

If you are looking for consistency then WB got it right. However, working on the basis that the match officials were implementing IRB policy, the IRB needs to clarify matters as Davies' tackle should have been a straight red - it was v dangerous and off the ball.

As for the second card, in real time it didn't look that bad, but in slow motion especially at 5.28-5.30 Evans' leg is vertical and had Ferris been able to wrap up both of Evans' legs then he too would have been driven into the ground head first. On balance, being cited is right and a ban seems likely for Ferris - and deserved.

IMHO, the tip tackle is as a result of trying to turn the tackle into an offensive weapon by driving an opponent backwards, and as a result tip tackles are virtually inevitable.

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Spuff February 07, 2012 10:20 pm

"IMHO, the tip tackle is as a result of trying to turn the tackle into an offensive weapon by driving an opponent backwards, and as a result tip tackles are virtually inevitable."

Tackling someone and driving them backwards aka the dump tackle are fine. It is the players who tend to tip and drive head first that is the problem i.e Spear tackled and tip tackled.

If i was Ferris or an Irish fan, i would be infuriated. I think it was a legal tackle and the fact that Ian Evans (Wales #5) is a heavy lump to lift and he never let go of him or dropped him from a dangerous height.

The IRB must get all referees/match officials on the same page on interpretation

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Andyboy February 07, 2012 11:29 am

Great game of rugby with Wales showing that they have become more clinical since their World Cup experience. They have a set of backs to frighten anyone and seem to know how to close a game out.

The refereeing during the game is symptomatic of how professional Rugby Union is going. Referees are afraid to call what's in front of their eyes, not giving clear tries until they check with the video ref; the touch judges also seem unwilling to make the close calls without someone holding their hand.

Bradley Davies should have been given a red card and I hope he gets a lengthy ban for what would count as common assault off the rugby pitch. For me, he's an old school "lunk head" who shouldn't be playing international rugby. Again, the officials willfully misinterpreted the rules by only giving a yellow. Making that kind of call should disbar Barnes and the touch judge from reffing internationals until they can learn to apply the rules properly.

I too agree with Smasy Smashy's comment on Murray leading with the knee as Davies went over for his first try. This seems to be creeping back into the game and needs to be dealt with.

Ferris did not deserve to have a penalty given against him, let along a yellow card. Another poor, poor decision from Barnes. I hope the IRB look at his performance during this game.

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Joony February 07, 2012 12:43 pm

Just Sayin' ....
He is young but has played well for Irish Wolfhounds and is very powerful.

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Huh!! the 3rd February 08, 2012 12:48 pm

Hey jonny.

While I agree Spence is good, isn't he currnetly injured?

Also, again, while he's powerful, he's in the D'arcy league of powerful. He ain't the biggest. Ireland are very good at producing good small/avg sized centres. While I usually frown on picking a back for his size (Banahan, Vainikolo, etc) I can't help think this is the future of rugby.

The game for all shapes and sizes is going out the window with S.Williams and Peter Stringer (2 of the best defenders in the game for their size) close to retirement.

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Joony February 08, 2012 1:27 pm

Nah Spence was out for a while there but is back in the squad.

I wouldn't say myself that the game is going to be dominated by 'beasts' from now on. Yea they will have a big role to play in teams but I still think that Medium-large size backs (such as Spence or Mcfadden) can have just as big an impact on the game than the likes of the Tuilagi brothers or North if they utilize their own strengths such as speed/agility and all round rugby skills.

However I must say I see George North as a special case. He has lightning speed, he's agile, he has great skills, good defence and is very strong an powerful. Plus he will only get better.

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thbts February 07, 2012 3:01 pm

George North is the man

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GunshowMckenzie February 07, 2012 5:46 pm

For anyone who's only seen the highlights I'd definitely recommend watching the entire game. It was by far the best game of the weekend, and I doubt there'll be a better one for the neutral this tournament. Though hopefully I'm wrong! As a Wales fan I'm obviously glad that they won, and do think that their back play, and overall play warranted the victory, even if the eventual manner of the victory was controversial. BD obviously deserved a red, it was a ridiculous thing to do. It wasn't even a tackle as the ball was so far away.

However, I feel that Wales' missed kicks and opportunities, as with the world cup, could have come back to haunt them yet again. I think Halfpenny should be given a chance to be the kicker unless he too suffers a poor kicking performance. IMO this is Wales' real weakness right now, not having a nailed on goal kicker, despite having a number of capable kickers in their day. However, despite good Irish pressure in the latter part of the first half and during the second as they made large inroads with multiple pick-and-gos, I do feel Wales were the better team. Did anyone else think Ryan Jones had scored early on? I know the replay was inconclusive, but it just looked as though he probably had scored, and the commentators acknowledged that in the past that surge would have in all probability been given.

At the moment it looks as though a large part of the British and Irish Lions will be made up of Irish and Welsh players judging by this match! I think Ireland can win all their remaining matches to be honest, though France away is a huge ask, and I feel that Wales are able to beat everyone this year, especially with three home games to come. In previous years Wales' injuries would have been a dampener, but it really appears that they have improved their strength in depth considerably, as their forwards seemed to get partiy with the Irish, which impressed me. And their backline can be devastating.

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gustyguest February 07, 2012 7:31 pm

for those saying D. Ryan did nothing wrong, i point you to Bakkies Botha on Adam Jones Lions tour 09. BD reacted like a tw#t. Wales were the better team and its time Ireland's dinosaurs went away

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Reality February 07, 2012 7:46 pm

Do you think so? Botha was cited because he didn't attempt to bind when he went into the ruck; he just shoulder-charged into it, which can have the sole effect of injuring a player. Ryan's hands were definitely there though and he used them, as well as his shoulder, to move Jones. I think it was more like a push than anything else.

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Reality February 07, 2012 7:49 pm

Did anyone else notice that after Wayne Banes yellow cards him, Davies turns around and tells him to f*** off? It seems a bit inappropriate, unsporting, and disrespectful, especially considering that Barnes almost literally let him get away with murder by just yellow carding him.

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Saffa February 09, 2012 1:30 pm

what a great game. i expect most of the lions backline next year to be mainly Irish and welsh

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Owz February 10, 2012 11:38 am

What's Kearney's problem with Roberts after Bowe's try?

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