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Monday, March 05, 2012

Wilkinson steers Toulon to victory over Montpellier at Stade Mayol

Toulon beat Montpellier 19-6 at the Stade Mayol this weekend, consoladating third place on the Top 14 table. Jonny Wilkinson kicked 14 points, including a conversion of their penalty try. The match was as physical as expected, with plenty of hits flying in.

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RedYeti March 05, 2012 12:30 pm

They were completely wrong to deny Palisson (I think) that try. The laws clearly state that you can ground the ball for a try from in touch, as long as you are not in possession of it. He slid into touch and pressed down on the ball for a try; he didn't pick it up and take it into touch.

22.4 (g) Player in touch or touch-in-goal. If an attacking player is in touch or in touch-in-goal, the player can score a try by grounding the ball in the opponents’ in-goal provided the player is not carrying the ball.

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stroudos March 05, 2012 9:44 pm

Fascinating. Didn't know you could do that. Seems the ref/TMO didn't either!

But, had Palisson dived straight on the ball instead of that exuberant arms in the air slam-dunk bullshit, he'd probably have been in play anyway and this would be a moot point...

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Ben March 05, 2012 1:40 pm

Are you joking?
you cannot score if you are not in the field of play.
if an attacker kicks the ball then the defender stands out of play to pick it up, even if the ball is not out of play, this will then be a lineout.

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stroudos March 05, 2012 9:50 pm

Ben, Turns out you're mistaken on this rule. You've also picked a really shit example for comparison, because in that scenario the lineout will be awarded to the defender's team, so similarly it would have been a neat move by that player. Again, that's as long as the ref knows the rules! I remember a few years ago Ickle Shane executed this perfectly only for the ref to award the lineout to the wrong team, from which they scored.

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yorffoe March 05, 2012 3:02 pm

Ben, you should re-read the rules. On the moment I thought it was clearly not valid...but there is really room for interpretation and it is not as straighforward.

There was a fair bit of discussion on the french TV regarding this try.
It seems that if you are not holding the ball you can be outside the field of play to ground it...

Palisson clearly thought it was not valid anyway and in the end it did not affect the results, but ...

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nokkloom March 05, 2012 6:08 pm

no problem grounding it, but there was air between the ball and the ground when he touched it, so he was touching it without grounding it while in touch

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