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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

French referee horrifically breaks leg, collarbone, and sprains ankle

There was some hesitation in posting this horrific incident, but a lot of you seemed interested in finding out exactly how referee Mathieu Raynal got so badly injured at the weekend. It's not for the faint hearted, so do not watch if you're squeamish.

Raynal, 31, got caught under two Racing Metro players during their 17-15 victory over Montpellier Friday night. It was the car crash of all on field collissions, resulting in an unbelievable double fracture to tibia and fibula, as well as a broken right collarbone, and a sprained left ankle.

His leg appeared to snap instantly under the pressure, leading to a few minutes that were hard to watch (and even worse to experience!) as he cried out in agony before medics got to him.

He was stretchered off and taken to hospital, where he has been ever since.

Loosely translated from French, this is what he had to say about the awful moment.

"The images that come back to me then are those of Sébastien Descons (Racing Metro scrumhalf) holding my hand, faces of rescuers, the ambulance, hospital, and ceilings. Ceilings is all I saw everywhere," he said with a smile.

He had surgery two hours later, saying it was really painful but was reduced by the morphine.

"I am completely immobilised, because I can not rely on crutches because of my broken collarbone. Hopefully my rehab starts in a month. Doctors tell me that I could start walking and running within three months." His season is over, but he says he has found comfort in the support he has received.

"Many players, coaches, managers and referees called me to support me. It warms the heart. It gives me the courage I'll need," he said.

Once again, this was a horrible incident and isn't nice to watch as the leg break is visible. You've read the story, so if you'd rather not see what happened, please don't watch the video.

Time: 1:11

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