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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midweek Madness - Twickenham Streaker dots down beneath the posts

There is something strangely amusing about seeing someone take off all their clothes and run across a sports field in front of literally thousands of spectators. So here's a look at what happened at Twickenham on Sunday, when England hosted the Barbarians.

Dares and alcohol are usually involved, as the ballsy individual picks his path then makes a break for it. Danny Howard did exactly that, stripping off then sprinting downfield on his glory run.

As he reached the halfway line untouched, and play continued, the confidence seemed to grow.

There was even a Delon Armitage (0:15) as a security steward failed to catch him. With the tryline in sight, he delighted the crowd with an inside swerve the likes of Christian Wade, if he wasn't looking the other way, would have been impressed with.

"Greatest try of my life!! Sorry if I offended anyone! All for a good laugh!!" he commented later.

It wasn't all plain sailing though, as after his rash splash he was fined. And he lost his sunglasses.

"Got arrested, held and fined. Coppers were real nice about it to be fair. Lost my sunnies tho!

"I got very lucky [to not be fined heavily] cause of loads of little things, like not getting naked until I was on the pitch and away from the public, not touching any players or stewards and just stopped once I got to the other side! Stewards hated it, police saw the funny side," he explained.

There have been a few videos of the streak going around, but this one below shows the epic nature of the sprint from right the way across the field, and it's a bit different. We'd never encourage or condone it (especially if you're male), but when it happens, it's pretty funny to watch.

Credit to KirethArt for the full HD, custom music experience. You can view another angle here.

Credit: KirethArt

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