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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Plays of the week - The incredible Jean, Lions classics and more

The Wallabies vs Lions deciding game kicks off shortly but there is still time for a quick look at the latest Plays of the Week from the guys at Rugby HQ on Fox Sports, featuring some classic moments from the Lions series, as well as some of the best from Super Rugby, and some Sevens action.

View all the archived Plays of the Week clips here

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Anonymous July 06, 2013 12:27 pm


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mise July 06, 2013 2:14 pm

Bit of a rout in the end. Well done LIONS and even, dare I say it, Gatty. He was still wrong on BOD - they would have won with him, and at 13, he wouldn't have taken away from the bish-bash-bosh approach.

Even if he was bench as option 2...Tualagi's positioning when he came on- fuck! It was appalling. i didn't realise how bad his defence and positioning is.

But well done Lions. Oz scrum in the end did fall apart. Sexton, Halfpenny, whole scrum really, were excellent. Still not sure about Philips -he was coasting agian, but really dominating or controlling the game.

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jay July 06, 2013 3:05 pm

great Lions win and well deserved the scrum was immense and set the platform to show the world what we can do!!!
only moan I do have is about all the doubters Gatland picked the team to win the series and he did just that the fact there were 10 Welshmen on the pitch doesn't matter he picked the best available players
and the BOD rubbish really grates yes over the last 10 plus years he has been an incredible player and its that reputation that got him on this tour as his current form was not the best ...he has struggled with the pace of the game especially in the 2nd test where because of his lack of fitness to play 80 mins at the top level he was crucially missing from the line and let in the try by his absence!!! you may not agree with me if not watch the 2nd test again and watch BOD through the match struggle to keep up with the play and frequently out of position this was why he was dropped as there is not point practising your defence if come game time one of the players is not there !!!
end result is what counts a series win to the lions and BOD gets a winners medal

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ruppansy July 07, 2013 10:35 am

Jay, you must be on acid. How does a player who struggled to keep up with the play lead the tackle stats? He must be some kind of octopus. Watch the tape buddy, BOD tackled his man and Davies missed his to let the try in.

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Kevin Niesen July 07, 2013 4:43 am

Are you on acid jay?
Firstly Davies missed the tackle for the try that won the game for the Aussies, 3 on 3 and BOD had O'Conner covered.
Secondly, his fitness? He covered every blade of grass defensively, he made the half break on 79 minutes to charge up the pitch in the second test to get the penalty, if that penalty was scored the lions would have won and there would be none of this tripe going on attacking his defence or his fitness you complete numpty.
On an unrelated topic to jays numptyness,
Roman Poite had a large slice in the lions getting the upperhand today, Southern Hemisphere ref would not have been so critical at scrum time, 8 lads yellow carded in 7 games or something silly like that.

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