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Friday, July 05, 2013

Sebastien Chabal and his love for Poker

The game of poker has become a worldwide phenomenon since the game was elevated into a popular sport in the early 2000's. Many people from different walks of life have tried their hand at the popular card game including several big name celebrities and sports personalities.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that many rugby players from all over the world have taken up the game. One particular player uses the game to help raise money for charity.

One such player is rugby superstar, Sebastien Chabal. He is known all over the world for his full beard, long hair, and ferocious tackling, attributes that had rugby fans to refer to him as l'Homme des Cavernes, the Caveman of rugby. He is also one of the highest paid personalities in the sport of rugby, and undeniably one of the sport's most recognizable athlete.

But the sport of rugby is not the only passion of the French national team player. He also loves poker and this is pretty much evident on the numerous poker tournaments that Chabal has been a part of in recent years.

The Frenchman from Valence cut his poker teeth while playing in various online tournaments and his no nonsense style of rugby has translated perfectly to his aggressive poker strategy. Other players have also followed in Chabal's footsteps, with rugby stars like Ben Foden, Delon Armitage, Mike Tindall, James Haskell and Dylan Hartley joining major poker tournaments.

Sports stars participating in poker events have encouraged a lot of their fans to take part in the game, and it is no surprise that a lot of rugby followers have taken to the online gaming site PartyPoker to try and emulate their rugby idol's success on the felt table.

Although he has not won any major tournaments as of yet, Chabal remains a constant fixture in live tournaments and it is only going to be a matter of time before he finds success on the poker table.

As menacing as he may look, Sebastien Chabal also shows a softer side, for he is also an active member of the Champions for Peace, an organization that works worldwide on peace initiatives.

Rugby stars like Chabal has said that the level of competition in poker is similar to that of rugby and although it is not as physical a game, the same skill set required to be a great rugby player is also needed in the game of poker. Players must possess a great sense of focus, keen instinct and the ability to adjust on the fly in order to be successful in poker.

This is the reason why many rugby players enjoy the game as a form of recreation, and we can expect to see more player like Sebastien Chabal to take up the game in the near future.

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