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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The biggest punches and worst fights in French domestic rugby

While condoning fighting on the rugby field is naturally frowned upon, most fans would admit that they enjoy seeing a good scrap occasionally. With that in mind, there are few places that do it better than France, especially in seasons gone by. Here is a compilation of some of the best ever.

Canal Plus have put together this video that features some of the biggest punches, fights and dirty bits of play in French rugby over the last decade or so. It was created for the show 'The Rugby Session' (Le Séance Rugby) on Canal+ Sport, and is somewhat of a masterpiece.

The Top 14 doesn't have the reputation of being one of the toughest leagues to play in for nothing, and that's all on show here. And yes, Irishman Trevor Brennan seems to be in there a helluva lot.

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CambridgeshireKid January 16, 2014 6:25 pm

Never understood the point of fighting. Only ever seems to be a sign that the team who started it are losing badly and are frustrated, which is normally a good sign and doesn't need retaliation

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Facepalm January 16, 2014 9:41 pm

I don't know why you're getting slated. You're right, there is no point to fighting. A professional player should not be losing his cool. Throwing a punch and starting a brawl has to be the most stupid thing you can do for your team. Unless it is in self defence there is absolutely no reason to hit a guy. Some of the cheap shots in this video whilst the other guy is on the floor really do reach new heights of stupidity, cowardice and violence. Mostly stupidity if I'm being honest.

If this makes me a football fan, Greig, then sign me up. If you're pissed off at someone, take lead from Josh Lewsey.

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Adam January 17, 2014 1:27 pm

You mean the time he punched Cipriani?

Just joshing

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Greig January 16, 2014 6:49 pm

You're either a back or a football fan

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matt January 16, 2014 11:27 pm

You're clearly an idiot, so now I guess we can focus all our efforts on figuring out why Cambridgeshirekid insists on presenting such reasonable and well presented conversation points, the bastard.

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CambridgeshireKid January 17, 2014 1:59 pm

Greig, I am actually a fully fledged member of the FRC for the last 13 years.

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Andy Top Comment | January 16, 2014 7:00 pm

The 'point' of fighting is there is no point. I can only assume that (a) you've never played or (b) you wear Nos 9-15 and didn't even know that the game contains a certain level of violence and that, sometimes, that violence spills over.
You're in a ruck and someone stamps on you, not rucks you, but stamps... That's a punching.
You're in a maul and someone gouges you... That's a punching.
Your No10 is being leathered by a hairy arsed No8 and can't defend herself... That's a punching.
You're Welsh... That's a punching, and some shoe pie

See, reasons

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CambridgeshireKid January 17, 2014 2:13 pm

I was just going to stay quiet, but you pissed me off here. Played front row all my rugby life and never at any level that I have played felt the need to punch someone. Maybe I am just a pussy or maybe I feel no need to put myself in a position where I could get a red card, make my team play the rest of the match a man down and possibly allow the heat of the moment make me do something down right irresponsible. However, It could just be that I am of a generation where people actually want to play rugby and not insert fingers in eyes.

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finedisregard January 17, 2014 3:14 pm

I wonder how old you are? Nobody is calling you a pussy.

Rugby is not about fighting to be sure, but as a front rower what would you do if your opposite was striking one of your smaller teammates? Sometimes you have to look after your mates.

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Big Fred January 17, 2014 4:25 pm

"...Nobody is calling you a pussy."

Let's not beat about the bush here, I think that's exactly what's being said.

Fair enough, move on.

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DrG January 17, 2014 11:50 pm

"I am of a generation where people actually want to play rugby and not insert fingers in eyes."

Oh really? and what; pray tell, generation is that? Gouging has existed pre 2000 and still exists now post 2012 (not sure if we've had a gouge yet in 2014)... so again, tell me which generation it is that you're from?

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Yannoche January 18, 2014 2:16 pm

I like your point. To enhance it, I thought important to specify that some of these extracts are quite old. There is no 'clean' genreation in rugby.

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CambridgeshireKid January 20, 2014 6:51 pm

Yeah, totally true! By my generation I was talking about 18-23 year olds making the transition now. I've been playing soley mens rugby now for getting on 5 years and you don't really see any of this from anyone under the age of about 35.

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DrG January 21, 2014 10:41 am

I disagree and perhaps so do you (in terms of a big sweeping statement) by the way you said "you don't really", 'really' gives me the impression you don't back your statement 100%.

I am actually not far off your 'generation' and everyone I play with/against, is focussed on playing rugby... that still doesn't mean a scuffle won't break out now and again.

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DrG January 16, 2014 7:00 pm

What a highly artistic and beautifully made video :D

Joking aside, great video, actually really enjoyed that - Well, enjoyed is perhaps not the right word, but it was a good watch. Some of those shots were very nasty.

CambridgeshireKid, of course there is little point to fighting, however if someone is throwing a fist at me I would be inclined to hit back, unless of course it's swiftly broken up. Take Cudmore v O'Connell, POC stood there for 2-3 hits(?) before retaliating... How long does he stand there and be a punching bag before hitting back?

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stroudos January 17, 2014 9:02 am

"What a highly artistic and beautifully made video :D"

It is quite beautiful though isn't it! Love the moody soundtrack!

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nzbougnat January 21, 2014 8:00 pm

A bit of a classic track. Telling you all about love and how to "give"... Doesn't make me feel any younger but the whole vid put a big, fat, satisfied smirk on my face for the day!

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Big Fred January 16, 2014 7:00 pm

CambridgeshireKid, spoken like someone who's never seen their teammate take a cheap shot or a beasting and gone in to offer some 'moral support'!
I bet your teammates are sleeping soundly knowing that if it kicks off you'll be looking on from a safe distance!!

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rugby-pioneers January 16, 2014 7:02 pm

Ironically, Canal+ agreed two days ago to pay 355m€ (480m USD) to purchase the TV rights of French Top14 for the next 5 years... and now we understand they just want the most expensive brawls, punches and fights...

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Jorge January 16, 2014 7:02 pm

Jaysus, Mary and Joseph!

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Canadanon January 16, 2014 7:26 pm

As a rugby player and ice hockey fan, I don't think there's anything wrong with a little fighting in sport, and enjoy watching a fair fight especially if there's a reason for it.

However, some of these are disgusting. I draw the line at punching a guy on the ground, sucker punching, and hitting a guy who is already engaged with someone else.

In hockey, fighting is allowed but there is a bit of an "honor code" and players don't usually cross that line. It's not a perfect system and many criticise it, but it limits some of the ridiculous and dangerous situations seen in this video. Playing rugby in Canada, I feel like a similar level of mutual respect is shown and I'm glad to have never seen it get this out of hand.

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matt January 16, 2014 11:30 pm

I enjoy the odd fight, but it would be a shame if it became a staple of the game, which is kind of how I understand it to be in ice hockey. Is this right?

Either way I agree with you on the cheap shot side of thing, ice hockey fights are great because they have it out, within a certain set of 'rules' and then everyone gets back to what they were doing.

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dave January 18, 2014 3:11 am

matt you basically got the gist of it
the interesting thing is they've been talking about taking fighting out of the nhl and the vast majority of players voted to keep fighting in,
they think if fighting is taken out players are more likely to take liberties in the heat of the moment with their hockey sticks

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ConnachtMan January 17, 2014 10:09 am

You mean "honour code"

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DrG January 17, 2014 11:51 pm

Not if he is from North America he doesn't.....

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RefTC January 18, 2014 1:32 am

Actually in Canada, it should be honour. We don't recognise Americanisations. My MacBook on the other hand...

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DrG January 18, 2014 2:52 pm

Ah the bane of apple products!

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Guy January 16, 2014 8:08 pm

I really hate seeing players throw cheaps shots at each other while in the meantime we are patting ourselves on the back because in rugby respect for opponents is a core value.

On the other hand: one thing I dislike even more is players faking their own death without even being properly hit.

I guess there are two sides to every medal (a French medal that is).

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barty January 16, 2014 8:31 pm

Very surprised to see Trevor Brennan in the thick of it in nearly all of the Toulouse clips

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Fingers99 January 18, 2014 5:21 pm

I agree, v surprising indeed!!! The locals in Toulouse loved him though, sound man and his bar is great craic in Toulouse.

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Eddie-g January 16, 2014 8:49 pm

I'll freely admit to being a huge hypocrite when it comes to rugby fights. Generally I'm against them, and I dream of a world where all offenders are cited and punished equally.

But the sad fact is, there are some players who you just hope if a fight breaks out they get filled in. You know, the Gavin Hensons. That sort of fight still works for me. I blame an incident in my youth, when Naas Botha - who I hated when playing for Northern Transvaal - was obliterated by a Free State flanker. The memory still warms my heart.

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Reality January 16, 2014 8:52 pm

Have to say that I find fighting in rugby one of the most annoying things ever. I understand that it can happen for various reasons pointed out above but it doesn't make it any less annoying and stupid. If someone's eye-gouging starts a fight, ok, that, I can understand, but if I'm watching/playing rugby I hate seeing the game stopped for five minutes because some big baby can't control himself and starts a brawl for no reason, as is the case in most of these clips. Especially when it results in your team getting put at a disadvantage through a yellow/red card.

I always wondered what it was about French rugby that made it so violent. Fights happen everywhere, but mass brawls in modern-day rugby seem to be almost exclusively French. Are French people just unable to control their emotions? Is punching someone for no reason seen as macho there? Or is it that that behaviour is tolerated for some reason so there's no disincentive for players? I'm guessing it's the latter since even non-French players can be just as violent but strangely even for them it seems to happen mainly in the Top14, e.g. Trevor Brennan and Jamie Cudmore. You see it in videos from the 80s and from modern-day amateur countries as well, so I'm guessing for whatever reason it's been discouraged so much in other big rugby-playing countries that they've moved on and it's become a relatively infrequent thing whereas France is still stuck in the bad old days.

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finedisregard January 17, 2014 3:22 pm

The frogs don't have the monopoly on this type of thing. It seems like it exists in Romania, Russia, and Georgia quite a bit too.

I played some in the USA and there are whole teams that are strictly polynesian. When they get down invariably the fists start flying.

Sorry to racially/culturally profile but that was my experience.

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Matt January 16, 2014 9:52 pm

I played in France (French Alps, so not the most refined rugby region) and in the UK (Bristol) at about the same club level. Rugby in France was 100 times rougher than it ever was in the UK.

I guess things will vary a lot from club to club, but while playing in France, every single week the same couple of idiots were starting things off, with little reason and to be honest very little consequences, no card, no significant injuries (most of the time)... Just a bit of a display of testosterone. Most of the time the guys starting it weren't the most courageous guys, but quite often some guys in a shit job who've built some frustration during the week and letting it loose on the pitch... Felt sorry for them, but when it starts, got to join in really...

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Phil mc avity January 17, 2014 12:15 am

I play rugby in the south west of France, between Toulouse, Biarritz and Bayonne, so in the heart of french rugby, and I wouldn't say the french are any different to any other country. It depends a lot nowadays what level you play at I think, low club level is shite, most people just go for a fight, and then a beer or beers after, shite rugby. Medium level-semi pro is good, it gets a lot cleaner and you see some nice rugby, but you will always get fights in rugby whatever level, for me what rugbydump should be showing (to disgrace) a cheap shots of dicks that gouge or bite or Cian Healy trying to snap someones ancle, thats would should stop! Gounging is for me the worst, if you cant take a punch, you shouldnt really play rugby, im not saying you should give one but someone is always gunna try a quick swing, take the hit, then do a courtney lawes tackle on him. But if someone trys to gouge you, he deserves a punch!!! I went to see Biarritz-Bath 2006 and a french prop gouged Danny grewcock (probably not knowing he's a black belt in karate) and you could see D.G on the floor in agony for a couple of mins, but the next scrum it kicked of, D.G hit the prop twice and he knocked him out, they both got yellow carded and had to sit next to each other on plastic chairs about 5m apart for 10mins. I really think the prop was thinking "fuck... Im such a dick". Point is you wont stop fighting, but i really think gouging and deliberate dangerous stamping should be heavily sanctionned! And publicly annonced when a player gets a ban.

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Yousef Teclab January 17, 2014 1:15 am

Anyone know the song to this. Quite nicely done.

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Yannoche January 18, 2014 2:24 pm

Florent Pagny "Savoir Aimer"

Hi, the song is moody sure, but lyrics are very ironic considering the context (eg: "To know how to give, without taking back...).

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Canadian content January 17, 2014 3:27 am

Fighting is stupid, tribal and dangerous. Lots of these shots are cheap and frankly, as a boxing and UFC fan, pretty crappy.

I for one would like to see the elimination of fighting from hockey, it's usually done by some goon who wants to \"fire up" his losing team. Hate to see it become more prevalent in rugby, which I don't see.

Bring on the big tackles

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WelshOsprey January 17, 2014 5:18 am

Top 14 is hands down the best for fighting

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Phil mc avity January 17, 2014 8:08 am

I think its all down to the people that talk about rugby on tv, british rugby on bbc and even on sky is presented so brilliantly, people respect the views of Clivewoodward, Gusgott, Davies..etc and if they see some cheep shot punch of gounge they rip into the player and say thats its not a all professionnal, and the fans watching agree and respect/listen to their points of view, whereas in french, commentary is shite, really bad, at half time they have adverts instead of a long half time "tale of the half" and discussion. The british media rip into players, and which opens debates (just like what we're doing now). The french dont talk and critisize as much, so the players are less monitored, which does allow some thugs into the game. BUT saying that the french in general are more violent is absoluttttte bollocks! The french play (apart from Michalak) play with emotion, no with the idea "lets go and beat them up" .... Where as south africa for me is the worst, dirtiest team out there for eye gouging and cheap shots. Their forwards are bullys (brilliantly skilled and big blokes, but bullys) and the rugby, I think over there is so much part of their culture that the media can't dig into players as much. For example look how much everyone dug into Dylan Hartley for talking back to the ref (and he was a dick) but fair play he took his ban, missed the lions and on any england rugby forum someone will always say "Hartley is a thug", and he knows that, I dont think he will cock up again.

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Phil mc avity January 17, 2014 8:19 am

The public get what the public want, and if you havent got the Sir clivewooward, gusgotts, davies..etc saying he shouldn't do that he's not professionnal at all, disgrace, well then 90% of the public (viewers i mean) wouldn't have a clue. And France don't have that as much as the UK. But to say the french in general are "more violent" is bollocks. The french hate delon armitage and dig into him when he shows off, or does a cheap tackle, but they critisize him because 1: he plays for Toulon so people jump on the bandwagon and dislike him and 2: he is english "ze dirty englishhh playerrr". But they're lacking professionnal points of view and critisism.

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kanpai January 17, 2014 11:49 am

I completely disagree with you on the Armitage case.
Before the H-cup final, there were no Armitage bashing, it's only his action on this day that started it.
As a Frenchman, i never hated someone because of his country, and Englishman, even if media wants us to believe were archenemy, we respect players when they deserve it ( For example Wilkinson, Jason Robinson, are really appreciated contrary to players like Farrell, Ashton, Henson ... who show off constantly ).
And what is not appreciated about Toulon is their staff (Boudjellal and Laporte) who always whine and shout about everything. As I've said, only the un-sportsmanship players are criticized.

On the fight subject, it's mostly a matter of culture. In france you're taughed that you need to punish your opponent for a lot of reasons (not releasing, slowing the game, cheating...), and sometimes, added with the frustration, it goes too far. I don't say it's a good thing, and it should be punished, but it will take time before some change (but everything is possible, look, even Fritz got quieter over time ^^).

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Phil mc avity January 20, 2014 11:28 pm

The french hated wilkinson until he moved to Toulon and proved to them that he was a fair and 100% pro rugby player. Im not saying they hate all english players...but they wouldnt say "he's a good english player", neither would the commentators because the public dont want to hear that. Where as when youve got different supporters listening to commentators from differents countries disgussîg the game for me the commentary is more fair and professionnal

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matt the mauler January 17, 2014 1:18 pm

Woodward, Guscott and Davies?! Are you kidding me. The worst rugby commentators on TV.

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ConnachtMan January 17, 2014 10:11 am

Trevon Brennan, aka the Barnhall Bruiser was a gaaldiator on the pitch and complete gentleman off it. Fact.

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Moo January 17, 2014 7:34 pm

Sadly, I think you'll find his most infamous moment came off the pitch...

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Felix January 17, 2014 1:20 pm

Hi Phil, thanks for sharing your experience of rugby in France on the pitch and on TV. Just a few comments on that point though : as a UK resident from France, I have to disagree with your comment on the way the Top14 is not "monitored" by TV. If you watch rugby on Canal +, you'll see criticism is part of the show too. Tactics and players' attitude are discussed alike and the standard of analysis is pretty good, thanks to competent journalists and a complementary team of former French internationals who give their opinion on games both at half time and later in the week, notably in "les spécialistes rugby". But it's true that anayses in the middle of games in France focus more on the collective dimension and less on the individual efforts or weaknesses displayed. Then British pundits are very good at analysing passage of plays whereas French pundits will mostly look at scrum and lineouts or general tactics (they may be right to adapt to the situation, since the level of attacking flair displayed in the TOP14 in winter is quite poor).
Nevertheless I totally agree with you if you refer to France 2, which as you said has another approach targeting the general public during some H-Cup games and test rugby, shows lengthy adds at half-time and even with Fabien Galthié and Raphael Ibanez, the standard of emotional commentary and chauvinism is quite lame. I feel like this is quite similar to what you can see in the UK with the discrepancy between Sky and the somehow below-par commentary on the BBC (just my personal impression though, I always watch rugby on Sky now but I heard that the BBC has been doing better recently so I might be wrong).

I wish French TV could have foreign pundits, like the British did with Castaignede, Ibanez or Betsen, even though language skill will not be top-notch, it's always great to have a different point of view.

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Phil mc avity January 20, 2014 11:24 pm

Yep I agree, what helps a lot in the uk (so on bbc) is that you've got foreign pundits (keith wood, davies, gusgott...etc) who stay true to their country but are for me, fair and honest, and if they see bad unpro play will say.(also the mixter of welsh, english, irish..etc does help for example: if ashton were to do a high tackle, davies would talk him down). For me french rugby is based and commentary is based on: up front a big old fashionned pack, and i dont think people like pelous ou Galtier would comment as much as gusgott/davies..etc on a high tackle, or a cheap shot punch.

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French or die January 17, 2014 1:25 pm

In most of these fights only anglo saxons assholes.

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Matt January 17, 2014 2:57 pm

Ah ah ah... I had to watch it again to check...

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O*N January 17, 2014 6:02 pm

I'd watch who you were calling Anglo or Saxon or Trevor Brennan will bar you.

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Scott S Sherwood January 17, 2014 2:20 pm

At the start you said,'While condoning fighting on the rugby field is naturally frowned upon, most fans would admit that they enjoy seeing a good scrap occasionally.' Really? I go to watch a game of rugby, not some grown man acting like a school boy prat. Ban these guys for life. That would soon stop it. Take it off the field and the police would be involved. Why aren't they when this rubbish starts? Take this trash out of rugby....

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DrG January 18, 2014 12:03 am

Move onto the next video then. I personally enjoy a bit of controversy and seeing a dust up.

"Ban these guys for life"... what a pathetic knee jerk reaction. I could list a good amount of brilliant players who have thrown a punch in their life yet you'd have them all banned for life.... Good luck with that..

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Frenchie January 17, 2014 3:33 pm

As a kid growing up in both England and France I would say that French rugby has a problem with what has become institutionalized violence. I think this is due to the different nature and origin of rugby culture in France compared to most other nations. In France school rugby isn't really a thing (unless you go to one of the full-on boarding schools which are entirely rugby focused of which there are not many). In England and in the rest of the commonwealth you learn rugby from your school teachers or coaches, rugby is used, as it was in fact specifically designed, to promote discipline, teamwork and solidarity. In the french system when you first start playing you join a local club (often a smaller one to begin with) where the coaches are old players who've usually not made it much further than the local leagues and haven't actually got higher level coaching experience. This is compounded by the fact that French rugby works very much on a "the talent will rise to the top" basis, things are far less structured, players are fairly randomly scouted from their local teams, brought to play at regional level where they are spotted by the bigger clubs and snapped up. This illustrates itself in a number of ways, France even today is a 50/50 team where things can come together incredibly well or fall apart horribly and their youth teams get trounced by the better organized anglo-saxon nations. Now french rugby has always been less gentrified than say english rugby, it isn't taught in fancy private schools, it's the working man's game (certainly down in the south), without the discipline instilled by schools or coaches who are trying to form well organized efficient teams, that have the added responsibility of their reputation, violence does tend to break out in the game. It's then passed down by the coaches (not all but some, especially in more provincial areas) who haven't played at a level where these actions are reprehensible. To them it does become just part of the game

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Frenchie January 17, 2014 3:43 pm

I was taught when I first started playing rugby in France to retaliate if the other team was cheating, to headbutt going into rucks, stamp and throw punches if the opposition were slowing the ball down. France is the only place I've been eye-gouged and this was at u17 level. Had I tried any of that in England once we moved up north my coach would have taken me out of the game and gone mental at me. I witnessed a ton of mindless violence in France, when we played and beat a team on the outskirts of Paris for our playoffs we were mobbed outside the dressing room and one of their coaches had to restrain a kid who had gone to get a knife out of his bag, the FFR still hasn't imposed a sanction. What was more worrying is that when I started playing at a higher level with kids who'd been trained in the French academy system it was clear that they'd been taught similar tricks and this was condoned by the staff.
Yes there's always going to be a bit of handbags in a rugby game as tempers flair but in France things are on a different level and I do think that as long as the French governing bodies refuse to act against it will remain a worryingly inherent part of the sport in France.

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finedisregard January 17, 2014 3:58 pm

Fascinating cultural observations. Thanks Frenchie!

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matt the mauler January 17, 2014 4:29 pm

I was taught similar things in Scotland (not eye gouging, though). Anything to help get a physical advantage over the opposition was encouraged and often worked. And there were no afters, as described above. On some rugby tours in France at school level games always descended into mass brawls. Didn't know if it was because we were a touring team or if that was just normal for them. It seems like it was just normal. We certainly learnt a thing or two after those matches which made us a better team.

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DrG January 18, 2014 12:06 am

I actually went to a private school which did it's best to instil tidy appearance, good discipline and a strong code of honour...

...and our rugby coach still told us that bending someones fingers back is a good way to get them to release the ball in a maul. If a player has ribs exposed in a ruck/maul or ball carrying situation, hit them HARD with your shoulder etc etc... Rugby has always been about gaining a physical advantage over the opposition.

As for fighting, it was never encouraged.

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Colombes January 17, 2014 4:28 pm

Entertaining clip by Canal+, as usual.

Just for a reminder, Canal+ doesn't want to celebrate rugby violence. It's just an ironic blink towards professional players who sometimes behave like spoiled brats, but with golgoth arms ;) On a side note, Canal+ has signed new tv rights for the top14.

On violence in french rugby, like said above, u will plenty of scraps at amateur and regional level, but this kind of behaviour tend to disappear at professional level. However, Top14 team often hides one vilain to do the dirty job.

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Frenchie January 17, 2014 7:33 pm

Some pretty scary "moves' there…But a lot of these clips are pretty old to be honest.

In France the "derby" games which i would refer to games played between clubs in the same area are always quiet brutal, or physical. This is especially true for the lower division where things get pretty nasty.
And like everywhere there are clubs that can't stand each others and enjoy punching each others.
I remember watching a game where just after quick off as the ball was still in the air two players decided to go at each other straight on; along the sideline. They punched each other and after that the game went normally. That was very funny; ice hockey style like.

The 2 players were Eric Champ (Toulon) and "La Matole" aka Jean Louis Tolot (SU Agen)
two legends respectively for their club.

Check this blog Called "The broken faces"

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Newfie January 17, 2014 11:13 pm

Realistically any sport that has anything physical about it is going to result in a fight, adrenaline fueled and normally because somebody did something stupid, but none the less it happened, looking above and seeing that any player, a front row like myself none the less, says that if his teammate gets into a racket hes goin the opposite direction, thats disgraceful, I hope your club sees that and doesnt want you anymore, I wouldn't set foot on the field without knowing that my team has my back no matter what kind of shit we get into, plain and simple you win lose or fight its all going to be as a team. 1-15, no questions asked, and yes the ban for fighting should be heavy to discourage it, but it will still happen in all sports always

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45678 January 19, 2014 12:14 pm

After playing for 20 years and seeing countless brawls, having been involved in a few, I can only conclude that most rugby players don't know how to fight, including myself. It's usually posturing and handbags. Invariably no one ever gets hurt beyond a black eye. A lot of fuss about nothing

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Oliver January 19, 2014 5:53 pm

It's actually meant to be funny with that song I think. And it is, if you understand French!
But most of these images are really old. You can see players like Olivier Merle, Magne, Benazzi who have been retired for a long time.
Basically it's like a "worst of" of the last 20 years. Most leagues would have similar stuff over such a long period of time, don't you think?

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HCup please!! January 21, 2014 7:04 am

Instead of serving the usual cliche about French rugby being nasty that we have all seen countless times, why does RD not post the games' highlights from the HCup last weekend and the weekend before? We'd see the French in a better light and the Brits in a less good one - oops is that actually why? ;-)

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DrG January 21, 2014 10:51 am

Does anyone remember the days of RugbyDump where there would be a fight or a scuffle video shown each week and the majority of regular commentators weren't a bunch of bitches that used to moan about 'giving rugby a bad name' or how this is going to make rugby less attractive to the new generations etc etc etc...

I mean grow some damn balls guys. No one says watching this video will make you fight, or requires you to join in. It's entitled "The biggest punches and worst fights in French domestic rugby" it's not exactly like RD has tricked you into watching something.

If you don't have the balls to WATCH a video then don't watch it.

Looking left and right of this page I see jumpers and tops, 'blood sweat and beers', 'get your first tackle in early..even if it's late' and I assume 'MTFU' to mean Man the fuck up. You'd never assume those would apply to rugby by reading some of the comments on this page.

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Namastebuzz August 29, 2014 8:27 am

All just a bit of fun.........

I was watching NRL the other day (keeping an eye on Sam Burgess - who was awesome) when commentator Andrew Johns (a League legend himself) came out with the comment:

"Well, the problem is that they changed the rules so that you're not allowed to punch anyone any more......"

He was bemoaning all the "afters" that go on after the play-the-ball with players niggling each other. He went on to elaborate that if a little bloke messed about with some bloke 30kgs heavier then he'd get smacked so that's why it didn't happen so much.

A man after my own heart.....

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