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Monday, March 10, 2014

France break Scottish hearts with late winning penalty at Murrayfield

France snatched victory from Scotland with a dramatic late win at Murrayfield on Saturday. A Jean-Marc Doussain penalty handed France a 19-17 victory, shortly after flyhalf Duncan Weir missed a chance to extend their lead and secure the win.

Scotland led 14-9 at half-time through tries by Stuart Hogg and Tommy Seymour, and despite a Yoann Huget intercept try, the hosts looked on track for an upset victory.

It was a decisive moment as had the Duncan Weir long pass gone to hand, Scotland had an overlap. Instead it was Huget that poached it and ran the length of the field for a well taken try.

"It is a good sign how we got back into the game and this win is especially important as it shows we can win away from home," said Huget post match.

Weir, who kicked a 61st minute penalty to give Scotland the lead, then missed a shot at goal, giving France the lifeline they needed. A Doussain penalty was calmly slotted with less than two minutes left on the clock, and Scotland fans were denied a famous victory.

France are thus still in contention for this year's Championship, and face Ireland in Paris next week.

"It will be a different game at home at the Stade de France in front of our crowd," said French coach Philippe Saint-Andre.

"We need to start well and accelerate during the 80 minutes but I am sure the guys can do this. I hope the Brian O'Driscoll party was in Dublin last Saturday and not this week at the Stade de France," he added.

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DaRabman March 10, 2014 2:51 pm

More hamfisted half-refereeing from Pillock.
Keep him to his own hemisphere where he doesn't have to ref the breakdown.

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finedisregard March 10, 2014 3:30 pm

Scotland is very unlucky.

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FelipeG March 10, 2014 4:00 pm

France so disappointing, again... Well done Scotland, deserves to win.

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kanpai March 10, 2014 5:01 pm

I think it was what you could call "a hold-up". France did nothing during the game, and we 're lucky that The Scottish miss some penalties.
Real shame to see such poor rugby, there only were the second scotland try to lighten a little the mood of rugby lover.

I don't get why we keep kicking the ball to Hogg, he is just a monster in this condition. But i get to see him showing his pace, so that's nice ^^.
I'm really impatient to see what Vern Cotter will do with him andScotland, it could be a surprise for some teams in the next years.

Let's hope we will see a better match against Ireland, and why not some "revolt" as the french are able to do ? Let's face it, it's unlikely, but i always want to stay optimistic, and it would be such a great think to have a good match for O'driscoll end.

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Phil mc avity March 10, 2014 6:44 pm

Scott Johnson doesn't give a sh*t about Scotland, but fair play to the scottish players, they we're the better team and deserved to win.
France on the other hand, we're crap and still are going into matches with the wrong mentality big time!
It's no longer 'LE XV de France' but 'LES XV de France'!
All the players are playing for themselves and not for their country.
I feel bad for the few players like Mas, Nyanga, Fofana and Huget (also Fickou) who have to play with the rest of these arrogant players.
They need a captain, and leaders, NOT ONCE did we see a french players try and encourage the team, or at least try and bring the spirit up a bit.

Well done Scotland for finally getting 2 tries, at least the players want to do something for Scotland, bring on the next coach quick!

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Frenchie March 10, 2014 7:14 pm

@ Phil mc avity :
you should stop calling the French players "arrogant" mate. What makes them arrogant? To be playing bad and still win?
I agree when you say that they play for themselves; I believe that the message given by St Andre/Lagisquet is not being listened, understood by the players; hence the horrible mess that they show on the pitch.
The French press does not understand why St Andre does, 90% of the fans hate that guy.
He has the poorest results a French coach has ever had in his first 3 years in charge!

We've been missing (injuries & non selected) loads of players and it does not help our game. True there's no captain anymore. To name a few: Dusautoir, Nyanga, Parra, Picamoles, Fofana, Trinh Duc, Swarziesky, Kayser, Fickou. But the subs are not playing at the level they should be playing and that's another worry for me. Also the props said they don't understand how to apply the new rules, they don'tt know exactly what's expected from them…this to say that there's a lot of bad coaching.

Scotland played better but not well enough…France stole the game. Don't forget that one try should have been disallowed for Scotland. How did they loose that game??

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Phil mc avity March 10, 2014 8:57 pm

Believe me I'm not saying the French in general are arrogant at all, I'm not some racist wanker XD, and also I'm more french than english, But rugby wise I've stayed a england rugby fan.
By arrogant I mean: big headed, think they are superior, dont question themselves..etc
I mainly mean, Pape (who is captain!!!!!), Picamoles, Maestri, Chouly, Bastareaud..etc
How an you say Pape isnt arrogant?! He is captain, doesnt lift the players up, thinks he is brilliant, he shouted at Bonneval for not being in the right place against Wales, when it was actually himself that cocked up and threw the ball into touch!
Picamoles clapped at the ref!!! That's gob smacking! What a wanker! If people dont think that isnt arrogant please speak up and try and convince me, but that is football not rugby.
Maestri is just like Pape, he is a thug and loves himself. Bastareaud the same I don't want to carry on, I'm limited on characters XD
If you look at Italy (I could have said; England, Wales or Ireland!!) but lets take Italy, who arent an obvious example; they have people like Castro, and Parisse, and Ghiraldini, Mclean who put their country first and set an example for the youngsters coming through and when they do, look how well Campagnaro has played.
France should be doing the same, get rid of the Michalaks (ok they finally got rid of him, but still have the Pape..etc) and play for the shirt, that will give people mike Fickou and the other youngsters something to play for. England during the 2011 RWC were all big headed arrogant wankers. They werent professionnal at all. Lancaster got rid of them all and built a new team, who play for the shirt and country. Not for themselves. what rugby about.
Warren Gatlands built that team in 2011 and they have been brilliant since.

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Phil mc avity March 10, 2014 8:59 pm

Vaahimina (dont know how to spell his name) didn't give a shit about playing this weekend, he was walking around, and gave away penatlies and he didnt even care.
-> Arrogant

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Phil mc avity March 10, 2014 9:07 pm

You can't say France are playing as a team!
And just because 'they came back', doesnt mean they played with their heart or whatever. Scotland were just shite, theyve got a coach who dosent care about them.
For one: what we're France doing in the first place?!
And PSA is a nice bloke who doesnt mean bad for the team (where as Johnson doesnt give two shits about scotland).
If you think that Pape is a good person to have as captain, someone to lead and set an example for the future of french rugby, when there's no point in me carrying on. Everyone intitled to their own point of view at the end of the day.

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sportsfan1 March 11, 2014 8:39 am

I don't know how anyone can take you seriously? Just because someone isn't a great captain doesn't make them arrogant?

Also what is your comment about Scott Johnson not giving a shit about Scotland based on?

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Oliver March 11, 2014 8:43 am

well I don't take him seriously, that's for sure.

I was going to reply to all his nonsense, and then just thought:
what's the point?

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Colombes March 10, 2014 9:35 pm

Huh, i don't really get the "french players are arrogant" debate, a bit of topic, i would say. Where does it come from? We're talking about rugby..

On the match, Scotland can feel quite unlcky, but in fact, they shot their own bullet in the foot. If u're not able to score easy penalties and risk a long pass just in front of a sprinter like Huget, u're not lucid enough to win the thing. Ask to Italy, when they lost vs.. Scotland.
But i tend to believe some talents like Hogg, Visser, Maitland, Denton and Beattie will florish with Cotter "hardwork" management.

France is quite the same since 3 matchs: some flashs of brilliance erased by long moments of forwards game lethargy. I don't really get the problem, cause this strategy doesn't looklike and suit to these french players.
The long list of injured players (Dusautoir, Nyanga, Picamoles, Parra, Trinh-Duc, Fofana, Swarzweski...) is a tree hiding a forest of problems. I've got the impression that players don't understand St-André tactics, and prefer to concentrate themselves in a restrictive strategy.
I don't think St-André is a bad manager, far from that, but rumours said that he didn't install a clear communication and relays between the staff and players. Lagisquet, for example is often described as a tyran..

Whatever will happen vs ireland, the future return of Dusautoir will help the dialogue.
France will be physically ready in autumn 2015, but they will need to work their mental approach.

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FelipeG March 11, 2014 1:11 pm

I agree with Scotland shooting their own bullet. Even more than not scoring penalties, the number of penalties conceded was really too high. To sum up it was a real bad french side winning VS a not so good scottish team... But at least Scotland seemed to be really trying. Regarding France, it seems more and more obvious that there is no team. "Les XV de France" is a good one. But I dont think it s a matter of arrogance. Maybe giving notes to every single player after every game isnt such a good idea. They seem to be focusing on their own individual game.

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Oliver March 11, 2014 8:49 am

as a French fan, I was disappointed by the game of course, but it's also reassuring to win when half the team is injured.

By the way, I really don't see how the Scots can consider themselves unlucky when that second try should never have been allowed, with that obvious block on Plisson. Even the BBC commentators mentioned it.

Finally: how immense has been Huget this year? What a player.
Apparently his missing the last world cup did him a lot of good.

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Dummy March 11, 2014 12:37 pm

We all agree with the poor playing... However as a french fan I cannot understand how quick the decision was made on the first try. The TMO didn't even look at all of the angles and took his decision before watching the good one. If you call for the TMO you should use it properly. I really believe Huget touched the ball...
On the second try, I am rather anoyed with the french commentators who didn't mention a potential block on Plisson. But to be fair I don't think that really impacted the outcome...

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redwan_ March 11, 2014 12:43 pm

I was absolutely devastated when Huget took that interception as I know how delicate the Scottish confidence is at the moment. We haven't had much form at the moment and until Cotter comes along, we wont have any long term consistency in tactics, squad selection, coaching etc etc.. With France scoring, there was every possibility that they would suddenly wake up and then start cranking in the tries, which didn't happen, but you could see that this was in the mind of all the scottish players. If only we had scored one of those penalties, we would be going to cardiff on a high with some momentum, to play against what looked like a rather lacklustre Welsh team.

I do think however that once the younger players like Hogg, Visser, Maitland, Wier, Dunbar etc in the backs and Beattie, Denton, Wilson etc in the forwards grow up a a bit, gain more experience and start training under Cotter's hard-work regime then we could be looking a much better team soon (I hope). Come on Verne, hurry up!

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Oliver March 11, 2014 2:03 pm

for those who understand French:
Bernard Laporte, Chabal and Moscato were pretty ruthless with the French staff and team on RMC radio, here.

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jimmy23 March 11, 2014 5:54 pm

I genuinely can't fathom how Scotland managed to lose that one...

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Frenchie March 11, 2014 6:53 pm

@ Phil Mc avity:

I don't understand what you say, why you take the arrogance angle into your discussion.
You talk like you were mad, I can't take you seriously.
The French play bad, they don't show much envy etc…but that does not make them arrogant. I believe they need a real captain on the pitch, Dusautoir is badly missed.
It is simply very messy, the coaches are poor and there's no good game plan.

Still this team wins game…so there must be something deep in them. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE, AND QUICK.

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FelipeG March 12, 2014 9:08 am

Have you seen the french interviews lately? Coach and players on the same page: it's not that bad, please support us and stop criticize.
Translation of Medard's quote: "when we win, we ask ourselves a lot of questions, when we loose, we ask ourselves a lot of questions, and when there s a draw, we ask ourselves even more questions"...

I think it's true : they all need antidepressant pills!

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Phil mc avity March 13, 2014 10:01 am

I think that Vahamina,Pape, Maestri, Picamoles are playing for themselves more than for their shirt and country. I think they think they are the muts nuts and that France can't do without them.
I don't think they're capable (at the moment!! Ok things might change when Dusautoir comes back) of putting their bodies on the line.
Unlike someone like Halfpenny, who gives it his all.
Also I never said 'Pape is arrogant because he isnt a good captain' , learn how to read before accusing people of saying shite. Lewis Moody wasn't a good captain but at least he was responsable and led by example.
Pape needs to get his game right and start playing with his heart again before he is captain.
Hopefully when Dusautoir is back, that will restructure a team spirit. And Pape could focus on his game and start putting more effort in, he has had some good games for France, but not since he has been captain, I think it made him more bigheaded.
I'm saying: Someone arrogant shouldnt be captain.
And not that a bad captain is arrogant.
Anyway Fickou is finally starting for France, hopefully he shall give it his all, and they're playing at home, so I think the players will play a bit more with passion and for the crowd and country.

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