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Friday, May 09, 2014

Friday Funnies - The Honey Badger's 101 in Aussie Lingo

Some of the South African Western Force players, and their American physio, just can't get to grips with the Australian lingo since moving Down Under. Luckily for all involved Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins took it upon himself to help them out.

Dylan Sage and Dillyn Leyds are two Cape Town boys who joined the Force not too long ago. They've said that they're enjoying their time in Perth, loving the weather and rugby, but as you can see, good Aussie blokes like the Badge have to show them their way.

After a quick run down through the body parts for physio Kelsey, Cummins moves on to more pressing examples, with the following rhyming slang proving a bit too tough for the foreigners:

"If I was to: Get on the dog and bone, book a left jab to the billabong, bend the elbow with a few pigs ears and chew a bit of fat with a couple china plates."

It's another serving of classic Honey Badger, who we've all come to love for his way with words and being the most Australian man in the world. He's also a pretty decent rugby player.

Thanks to Fox Sports for the laugh. You can view more of the Badge in the Related Posts below

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