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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Special offer on all from the SKINS range of Compression Sportswear

SKINS were kind enough to send us samples of their latest Carbonyte range, base layers that are ideal for training in all-weather conditions. We've partnered with them to bring you a 10% discount on everything in their range until midnight Sunday.

Carbonyte is a new and unique all-weather Functional Base Layer which provides a level of scientifically researched performance and comfort. The lightweight baselayer helps to increase blood flow which in turn helps players to recover faster, and therefore perform as a result.

The baselayers, long or short sleeve, are comfortable and you'll hardly know they're there. Bath Rugby actually partnered with them recently so you can view a short video about that below.

Under that, a quick snap via the RD Instagram of what we tried out last week.

To redeem your 10% discount use the code RUGBYDUMP10
[offer expires midnight, Sunday, 14th September 2014]

Learn more and get your own compression baselayer with the discount at


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