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Monday, August 01, 2016

Maori All Blacks new jersey design embodies culture and free-flowing rugby

Today adidas released their new Maori All Blacks jersey, inspired by the natural elements of Aotearoa. Designed over 18 months, the complex jersey embodies the powerful, free-flowing rugby for which the team is famous, and pays respect to traditional Maori culture.

Renowned Maori artist, Dave Burke, and the Maori All Blacks' team kaumatua, Luke Crawford, worked collaboratively to design the jersey, which has New Zealand's powerful oceans central to the design, showcasing the strength and agility of the team.

The patterns represent tidal flow, movement, strength, determination, power and speed.

Simon Cartwright, Senior Director, adidas Rugby, says: "It’s great to have Dave Burke and Luke Crawford on board again this year to create one of the most complex designs for the jersey ever.

"They have successfully incorporated the strength and determination of the Maori All Blacks into the Tangaroa theme."

New Zealand’s powerful oceans are central to the jersey design to showcase the strength and agility of the Maori All Blacks. "The kawhaiwhai patterns surrounding Tangaroa represent tidal flow, movement, strength, determination, power and speed," explains Burke.

Burke’s intricate design also showcases the team’s unity:  “A waka paddle runs through the manawa (heart) line and flows in through Tangaroa becoming the arero (tongue) of Tangaroa. This symbolises moving together in one direction with one heartbeat, unity, whanau and purpose.”

The team’s famed free-flowing style is also represented by the cutting edge of the waves. The carving design on the waka paddle represents koiri (to flourish),” says Burke.

The background infill of the designs represent scales, which link back to the central theme of Tangaroa (God of Oceans), and the residents of his domain, such as Mangopare (Hammerhead Shark), Mako (Blue Pointer Shark) and Mangotipi (White Pointer Shark).

The themes and design components in the jersey are integrated throughout the entire Maori All Blacks retail leisure range. The replica Maori All Blacks jersey is available from August 1 for £60.

The jersey is stocked at all adidas stores and major sporting goods retailers, rugby retailers throughout the world, and online at

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