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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rampaging Danny Barrett at it again but Canada take Cup Final at Singapore 7s

There are several Barretts playing world class rugby at the moment. Danny Barrett - no relation to the brothers Barrett of New Zealand fame - continues to make a name for himself as a hard-charging bulldozer, laying out all who get in his way.

Over the weekend, Barrett helped the USA to the 2017 Singapore final where team Canada won a thrilling match to claim their first ever Cup final. 

This particular highlight comes courtesy of Australia. The USA had previously dispatched with Fiji to meet the Australians in the cup quarterfinal. For their part, the Australians had previously taken out mighty South Africa.

Barrett received the ball around the 10 metre line and after selling the dummy, was off the races. As is his typical fassion, he chose to run over instead of around or altogether avoid contact with the opposition.

This was Barrett's 22nd try of the series and helped the US to the 40-7 win over Australia.

Granted, the tackling was not exactly stellar, but it shows the kind of effort Barrett and the USA are capable of bringing to every tournament.

As for Canada, they advanced through both New Zealand and England to reserve their place in the final against the USA. 

Canada secured the win 26-19, to take their first ever final Cup. Canadian Nate Hirayama also won player of the tournament honours. Below is a recap of all the action from the final day.

Credit: World Rugby

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