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Friday, July 13, 2018

Tough schools centre bounces right back up after clothesline tackle

Victorian Schools centre Mosese Tu'ipulotu was on the receiving end of this dangerous clothesline tackle in a match against Queensland II a few days ago at the Australian Schools Rugby Championships.

What's even more amazing is the way he bounces back up, almost entirely unfazed from the hit. Queensland were able to secure a 32-17 win.

Tu'ipulotu was in the middle of a nice run from deep within his own territory when, unfortunately, he neglected to look left at any point during the run. In not doing so, he failed to notice Queensland's winger who then caught him completely unawares, clotheslining him off his feet.

Fortunately, Tu'ipulotu bounced right back up, unharmed, and play resumed. Mosese - whose brother Sione plays for the Melbourne Rebels - was able to make a good showing despite the loss.

The championships will be played this Saturday at Riverview College with two teams from New South Wales making the final for an all-NSW championship.

???? Boom! And straight back up.

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