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Eben Etzebeth banned for attempted headbutt on Nathan Sharpe

A headbutt is a headbutt in Rugby, it is illegal, therefore he gets banned...simple! It has been this way for years, nothing new. It wasnt huge contact, but thats why he only got 2 weeks. But they are professionals, they clearly understand the rules. Its all about discipline, and Etzebeth lacks in this department.

This isnt the first time hes lost it, it happened against the Argies as well and that pretty much cost them the game. Sharpe used his brain...he has experience and discipline, he knows not to retaliate. He realized he had been headbutted, and knew Aussie would get a penalty or Etzebeth sin binned...Sharpe knows how to win, hes a professional!

Etzebeth may become a liability to the Boks if he doesn't sort his discipline out. Teams will target him and try to get a reaction, knowing that he'll lose the plot!

5 Years, 9 Months ago

TMO advises on Ofisa Treviranus big hit on Charlie Hodgson

Most of you pussy NH whiteboys are shit scared of strong shoulder tackles so you cry foul, bitch and moan at any chance you get hoping that all of the whining will somehow get rid of these tackles in Rugby. Because they"scare" hoo! Physicality and confrontation is part of is courage. Obviously you lack these quality's, courage in particular!

Just because you are not powerful enough to produce one, and lack the courage of receiving one does not mean laws should be put in place to change it. It means rugby is NOT for you. So grow some balls and man up because it aint tiddlywinks, or play soccer...simple! Better yet, buy a tutu lol!

5 Years, 9 Months ago