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Richie McCaw knee on Morgan Parra, Donald kick, Rougerie eye-gouge, and more

This knee on Para is not intentional. It's practically impossible to knee someone at full speed, as you hit to clear a ruck, the Rougerie eye-gouge will probably just die, I believe it was intentional but I doubt McCaw cares - he won the World Cup. Joubert's refereeing was just what southern hemisphere refereeing is like, although, no Ref is perfect, he will have made a bad call here and there, they cannot see everything, so analyzing the whole game and picking out 5 or 6 mistakes is nonsense. I wish the refs at my level only made 5 or 6 bad calls in a game! This fine for France is nonsense as well, it didn't make any difference in the grand scheme of things, lets be honest, but a line does have to be drawn somewhere. And I agree with the comments that Rugbydump being impartial is idiotic, its been nothing but amazing all tournament.
@Rodofle McCaw is one of the best players around. He may go against the laws but then find me a single 7 that doesn't. To call him a cheat and a "professional cheater" is nonsense. Eye-gouging to "stop him cheating with total impugnity" is rubbish. You are not allowed to take the law into your own hands regardless. To do so is worse than the original offence.

6 Years, 8 Months ago

Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

The decision for a red card by Rolland was, by letter of the law, correct. He lifted him beyond 180deg, and then did not bring him down to ground with good control. However, in professional rugby, this tackle would usually have resulted in a yellow and/or a penalty, not a red card. This does not mean the call was incorrect however. The call was the right one, and even Warburton and the Welsh team agree and the IRB would have overturned the card if it was incorrect. A 3 week ban does show however that this was not all that severe. Correct call and well played to the rest of the Welsh team for holding on as well as they did, and not reacting badly to the call.

6 Years, 8 Months ago

WIN a copy of the official Rugby World Cup 2011 game

Xbox 360. Played it once, its pretty decent, although very like '08

6 Years, 8 Months ago