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The Top Five Tackles Gone Wrong Of All Time

Surprised there's no Lewsey on Tuquiri - that was a fantastic failed tackle.

4 Years, 9 Months ago

Alfie To'oala superman tackle and Ed Williamson flying clearout

Can see what you mean but don't quite agree - I'd much rather someone flew into me like that over the top of the ruck than smash me with my head down etc., especially since it's just likely to knock me on my back.

I did think Bakkies was poorly treated there though - nothing wrong with what he did just how much power he can put into it, but I worry how big an injury you could get from that!

5 Years, 3 Months ago

The Rugby team Harlem Shake collection

I'm still surprised someone hasn't edited a haka into a harlem shake. I would, but, that requires effort and editing savvy, which I don't have. Would look cool though (and probably be massively culturally insensitive...)

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

I think the controversy associated with the decision, as is the case with most decisions of this kind, is all really down to the context in which it sits. Because refereeing in rugby is so subjective in its nature, this adds a greater degree of difficulty. The numerous pronouncements that such a decision being made so early in the game, in such a game or against a player with such a disciplinary record are far from the mark - as difficult as it may be for a referee to do so, the decision should purely be on the action taken, and the intent with which it was taken.

In this case, the action alone deserves a red card (both because it is dangerous in its nature and because that is the way the rules are written and supposedly interpreted). In terms of the intent, there is a strong argument that Warburton did not intend to injure. Rugby is a dangerous game, and this sort of incident does seem to me to be one of the purposes of the yellow card - where a dangerous event occurs arguably as the result of a mistake. If mistakes are persistently made then arguably the player is reckless and therefore deserves dismissal, hence this approach works well structurally too.

So, taking that into consideration, the reason for the controversy is all down to an inconsistent approach being taken with tip tackles (the same can be said of high tackles, as these seem to attract the full range of sanctions). I think the suggestion above that game changing decisions such as this should be consulted with a referee's assistants is very wise, and would result in better decisions.

As someone who grew up in Wales (despite being proudly English) I feel really gutted for the team and nation. Whilst the statement that we have been robbed of a showpiece final is a little unfair on the referee, I'm not anticipating Sunday as much as I was, and arguably not as much as the game on Friday.

6 Years, 8 Months ago