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All Blacks capped winger Frank Halai signs for Wasps

I hope I'm not wrong for saying this, but haven't they dropped London from their name as they've moved to Coventry now? I could be wrong now, but I thought they were renamed.

However this man is a wrecking ball. Wasps are starting to get back to their status as one of the big clubs in England, hopefully this upward trend continues!!

3 Years, 3 Months ago

Match winning try scored by boy with Down Syndrome goes viral

I suppose you're right mate, but 'mid game, game' nearly has me confused. Maybe 'entertainment' wasn't the correct word, but it's shorter than 'half-time, mid-game, cross-pitch, 10 a side game' :L

3 Years, 5 Months ago

Match winning try scored by boy with Down Syndrome goes viral

Was at the Leinster .Vs. Harlequins match at the weekend in the Aviva and the half time entertainment was 4 teams made up of people with Down Syndrome playing tag rugby. Was brilliant to see, the crowd got behind them and they certainly loved every second they were on the pitch.

Is lovely to see and brilliant that the rugby community gets behind people to help, no matter what the cause.

Brilliant stuff here, hope we can see more of this in the future. Tag rugby for Special Olympics 2019?

3 Years, 5 Months ago

Ireland Wolfhounds hang on in face of late England Saxons chances

Ireland obviously didn't learn anything from the All Blacks match if they kicked possession away again.

They'll have to address this before the 6N or we will lose matches again.

Apart from that solid performance by the Wolfhounds, really putting pressure on the regulars on the first team!

4 Years, 3 Months ago

The Wallabies claim comfortable victory over Ireland in Dublin

Well done to the Australia on a terrific win. They played brilliantly and ran the ball well with lots of confidence. Looked dangerous in attack and exploited Ireland well.

Ireland on the other hands were disgraceful. I've never seen an Irish team play so bad, with so many big names in the team. Not taking away from Australia but their defense was awful throughout and you could park a truck in some of the spaces they were that big.

NZ will probably be wondering can they better their highest score record of 60-0 against us at the weekend.

4 Years, 6 Months ago

Heineken Cup 2013/2014 Best Tries - Round 1

Surely Scarlets are the most beautiful rugby team to watch in this competition. Sheer class! And this is from an Irish fan! Some great tries in there, love H-Cup rugby!

4 Years, 7 Months ago

Isaia Tuifua's huge hit for Taranaki in the ITM Cup

To be honest I'm a bit disgruntled about this video. I mean the tackle is great and everything, but how could a referee, who was standing right in front of the play with absolutely nobody blocking his view, ask the television match official was it a shoulder charge.

This was a cracking first notch tackle, two big 12's running into each other at full pace, only one of them had the right technique though. So how could a ref ask a television match official whether it was a shoulder charge.

Ref's really have to sort themselves out soon, this sort of behavior is getting outrages. To be honest I'd wish the IRB made a rule where only ex-professional players were allowed to be a ref.

Sorry about this rant, but with Du Plusses getting a yellow card last week for a legit tackle and now the the ref in this game asking whether another legitimate tackle was within the rules, it's all becoming a bit annoying as a rugby fan!!

Great hit!!

4 Years, 8 Months ago

British and Irish Lions start strong with convincing win over the Barbarians

Farrell looked way to out of his depth, he butchered one try by getting to fancy and trying to flick it over his head. I'm surprised he was subbed off earlier.

That was a very strong Lions team put out there today, would like to see what the next team will look like. Hogg really put up his hand today and got a full days rugby. That's going to stand to him in the next couple of matches due to the fact that Kearney and Halfpenny will probably share time on the pitch now!

Pack were good, maybe a tweaking in the front row. Subs were also very good.

All round good display!

4 Years, 11 Months ago

British & Irish Lions squad announcement - Sam Warburton named as captain

To be honest Matt after reading your response I think you're dead right, I never actually took that into consideration the whole "Anglo-Welsh" relations.

I still think that Robshaw is an outstanding player and this 6 nations really showed us that. But taking into account what you just said I suppose there is no real space for him on the plane.

Taking into account though that Tipuric is the (debatable) best 7 in the NH, who should his back row buddies be. Being Irish I think O'Brein deserves the 6 jersey, its where he plays best. But with Warbuton in as captain this could see a squeeze in the back row!!!

5 Years, 3 Weeks ago

British & Irish Lions squad announcement - Sam Warburton named as captain

I don't understand why there's no Donnacha Ryan and Mike McCarthy. They were consistently good for Ireland this season, when Paul O' Connell was still struggling to run. Richie Gray hasn't been in very good form either.

And no Chris Robshaw is a very poor decision as well. People were tipping him to be captain and now he isn't even going. Think Gatland might think twice about that, considering Warbuton gets injured every second week!

Apart from that looks like a good touring squad.

5 Years, 3 Weeks ago