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Jebb Sinclair controversially red carded for 'leading with the elbow'

This is one of the worst decisions I've ever heard of! Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that whatsoever. The fact the Scottish player got injured probably contributed more than anything but should've been irrelevant. No foul play there. A shame and a poor advert for rugby in an up and coming rugby nation. The IRB need to start throwing the book more at incompetent officials. I'm a neutral and I'm angry about it! Can't imagine how annoyed the Canadians and their fans are. Awful decision and totally wrong. Canada have every right to feel conned out of a victory.

4 Years, 5 Days ago

Munster's Ronan O'Gara facing ban for deliberate kick on Sean Cox

One week is fair for the actual incident, but I read somewhere they reduced because of O'Gara's (ahem) 'clean record'. How stupid or blind are the IRB? What about the kick to the nuts on Roncero (IRE v ARG) a few years ago? The stamp on Gethin Jenkins' hand after he scored a try for Wales in 2005? The other KICK to thje groin area of an Ospreys' player in the Pro12 semi last year after a legit turnover. ROG is a cheat, a disgrace and a coward but keeps getting away with it and the IRB are not helping by dishing out pathetic 'punishments' like a one week ban!

5 Years, 5 Months ago

Scott Higginbotham cited twice for knee and head-butt on Richie McCaw

Seems to me the only consistent tactic Austrailia has got against the All Blacks is have one of their players take a few cheap shots at McCaw...and still end up second best!! That is just sly from Higginbottom, no need at all.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Ospreys into the RaboDirect Pro12 final with big win over Munster

Munster = Owned. That is all.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Calum Clark cited for bending Rob Hawkins' arm backwards

Life ban should be the only option here. Deliberate. With intent. Not sportsmanslike. Awful.

6 Years, 3 Months ago

Digby Ioane suspended for five weeks for tip-tackle on Coetzee

Extremely harsh, barely deserved a yellow.

6 Years, 3 Months ago

Wales still on course for Grand Slam following victory over Italy

Wales will take the win, but a very average performance on the whole. Will need to improve to beat a disillusioned French side though, who cannot play any worse than they did yesterday against England. The French seemed lost to me - very poor game plan, but they rarely make that kind of mistake twice and will have a point to prove Saturday as will Wales.

George Clancy ruined the game for me, he was as consistent as he was constantly nit-picking and very fussy at the breakdown in my opinion and pretty ruined the game for both teams and spectators.

Also, IRB - PLEASE SORT THE SCRUM OUT!!! It was a shambles in all three games and took way too much time!

Reality - Which World Cup were you watching? Wales were the form team of the World Cup and had it not been for THAT Red Card and the injury to Adam Jones, Wales could have the been World Champions againt a depleted and (at times) quite borderline All Blacks team which were not at the top of their game apart from that win against Australia.

6 Years, 3 Months ago

The big hits, try savers, and collisions from England vs Wales

How on Earth wasn't Chris Robshaw not yellow carded or worse for pulling Warburton down from the lineout!? That's shocking!! He didn't even try to make it look like an accident!!
The IRB's been going on and on about spear tackles but surely that's worse? He's 5/6 feet up in the air!!! Far worse than a spear tackle in my opinion!

6 Years, 3 Months ago