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WIN an adidas ball signed by All Black legend Dan Carter

In the last couple of years, alot have changed -
- The game has changed (sometimes it doesn't look that way when you look at how SA is still playing, lol)
- The players have changed (physique, professionalism)
- Even the ball has changed! (Who can remember playing with the leather ones? That smell of nugget polish on your hands, still playing barefoot at school)
- 30 years ago there weren't near as many international games as now

You have greats like Henry Honiball, Andrew Mehrtens (was a big fan), Michael Lynagh, Naas Botha (remember, this guy played in the 'apartheid' era, imagine what he could've done under 'normal' rugby circumstances?!), Mark Ella, Neil Jenkins, Johnny Wilkinson...

But let me say this - to have your name mentioned among these greats already is an achievement on its own. The game is now quicker, more demanding on the body, and is now a proper professional sport, so there is almost no room for errors or 'off days' anymore.
Inside the game and out, I think Dan Carter has ticked all the boxes to make a legend, and for that he can have my no.10 on his back.

5 Years, 11 Months ago