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Motu Matu'u makes biggest hit of the season on Matt Hodgson

Based purely on outrageous decisions previously - Rangers 2 weeks come to mind - I would expect Matu'u to be banned for 14 months.

This is 100 times worse than the Ranger tackle.

2 Years, 10 Months ago

Keven Mealamu struck with bottle after Bulls vs Blues game

I understand how you would see it that way Mise, but I would ask you to watch the slowest of the replays and try to pause it frame-by-frame. You'll see that Ranger actually makes contact before the ball is grounded. I don't think people realise just how marginal the timing is in that scenario, with 2 people running as fast as they possibly can. I actually think that was a 50/50 challenge and on any other day he'd have got the contact he wanted, arms under the tackler and possibly saved the try.

It's unfortunate that he was off, but then what sort of message is that to send to people? You're supposed to chase hard and make last ditch efforts.

I don't think Basson is getting enough credit for getting the ball down as fast as he did, in an age where players casually slide to ground he really grounded the ball with urgency. If you stop-start with the pause button the second replay you'll see that Rangers effort was pretty fair and he did have a good shout with the tackle.

In my opinion this is a bit like punishing a player for tackling a dummy runner who runs an awesomely deceptive line, but never receives the ball, despite looking for all money like he is going to. Technically you shouldn't be tackling players without the ball, but you can't not make the tackle because you believe at the time they're about to run onto a great ball. I would doubt there was any malicious intent here, Ranger would have backed himself to make an awesome try saver

I disagree with you that Ranger wasn't very likely to succeed, I think he was in a fair enough position and went low simultaneously with the attacking player. Imo, of course.

2 Years, 10 Months ago

Keven Mealamu struck with bottle after Bulls vs Blues game

Wait, Ranger was suspended for making a tackle? What kind of nonsense is that. That's probably the most shocking decision I've ever heard. The fan needs banning for life, but it's not much more preposterous than the Ranger call.

What is he supposed to do in that situation - Lead with his feet? Kidnap Habana, chop him in half and carry out some sort of Frankenstein-esque operation in which Ranger has Brians legs? Not make a tackle? What do you want Ranger to do?

That was a brilliant tackle, albeit unsuccessful. That sort of chase and commitment is what you want from every player on the field. If he made that tackle against my team I'd have absolutely no qualms. In fact, it's that sort of dedication that makes me want him playing for my team!

Are the commentators and everyone but me thick? He tried to get under Basson and knock him over the sideline - He didn't, because he was .1 seconds late. That happens.

Admittedly he was late, but you can't say there was "no attempted tackle with the hands", that's rubbish, because he made every attempt. I posit that if he was faster and got there a split-second sooner it would be celebrated as an amazing, legal try saver. The issue is he was late, not that his tackling form was off. Getting something wrong and consciously going out of your way to do wrong are 2 different things. In this case Ranger was off by nothing. Of course he leads with the shoulder, there is no other way to tackle someone into touch in that scenario.

A suspension for that is madness. Ban the "fan" for life.

2 Years, 10 Months ago

A look at the first ever White Card in Super Rugby

Did the commentator say "That's a red card"... Is he on drugs?

2 Years, 10 Months ago

Incredible try from Bath prop Anthony Perenise

Gethin Jenkins scored because of piss weak, embarrassing tackling. He threw one good dummy and ran through some fairies. Not really comparable to this try where Perenise literally explodes through strong tackling with a series of jukes, goose steps and tomfoolery.

3 Years, 12 Hours ago

Incredible try from Bath prop Anthony Perenise

What the fudge, is there a name for what he did with his arms? The aeroplane-step, perhaps? Mad bastard!

3 Years, 1 Day ago

Samu Manoa and Mike Haywood crunching tackles vs Harlequins

Strong, impressive tackling. I wouldn't say either are "enormous" or "massive" hits, just very well timed.

Love the team hyping up after the tackles, great to see professionalism developing in the game again. Forwards have smacked each others arses and gotten rowdy after a good scrum for decades, players do it after a tackle and all of a sudden it's the end of decency in Rugby as we know it? Don't make me laugh.

Players celebrating big plays will become common place because science shows it helps performance. As opposed to a team of players non-chalantly walking about hands on hips after an important play because it's more "humble". Yank Football is miles ahead of Rugby in this regard, League to a lesser extent. There's a lot of science to it though, I'm going to see if I can find the study I read about this

It should help growth too. Kids seeing players enjoying themselves in games will also be more likely to take an interest in rugby.

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Referee Nigel Owens - 'This is not Soccer'

@Jimothy, really Jimothy, really? This conversation feels not too different to criticising the government and being confronted by a bunch of fanatical hicks telling you to "GIT OUT!"

You can like a game while seeing room for improvement and disagreeable aspects of the rules, you know?

I'm entitled to view refereeing standards in professional rugby as being terrible. I'm not sure anyone really disagrees, just that many people happen to thing its better to have unenforced rules than enforced rules, because of the nature of the game.

Is asking that the game be refereed to the rule book really anti-Rugby, is it really controversial?

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Referee Nigel Owens - 'This is not Soccer'

@Pretzel. That's fine but I disagree, I would rather the rules were enforced. I don't believe that if you cynically enforced every rule that it would ruin the game - players would soon get the message and stop cheating. Just as in the NFL cheating is very rare because players know what will happen.

Until referees properly enforce the rules(the IRB can come up with a way to better ref the game I'm sure) then there shouldn't be any surprise to learn that players are frustrated with inconsistent and often non-existent refereeing in the face of blatant cheating.

If Nigel Owens did that, in stead of thinking up ways to get himself in the media spotlight, then my respect for him would be far reaching.

When I talk about respect I obviously mean on the internet, or generally. I don't run around the field questioning ref integrity or abusing them in any way. Strangely enough that's one of the few breaches of the rules that they do clamp down on ;)

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Referee Nigel Owens - 'This is not Soccer'

@Rich , I didn't say that Rich, instead I said the opposite. Nobody is espousing disrespect to referees, soccer referees or otherwise.

If you'd bothered to read my comments instead of making an emotion based defence of Rugby like a little girl you'd have realised that I've repeatedly praised the NFL. The NFL is one of the best officiated games in all of sport and respect for referees is high.

But I'll tell you why respect for referees in the NFL is high, because the referees earn it. They get decisions right, almost all the time. Cheating is not accepted in the game. In contrast cheating is common place in the game of Rugby, some people even promote it because they think cheating is a corner stone of the game. If these people are prepared to support cheating, and the IRB and referees prepared to allow it, then nobody should be surprised that respect for the refs is diminishing.

My comments are the only rational ones in this discussion!

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

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