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Outcry as Florian Fritz returns to play after severe knock to head

IRU?? IRB even!

3 Years, 8 Months ago

Outcry as Florian Fritz returns to play after severe knock to head

Bloodied players 20 years ago is indeed an iconic image.
A concussed player suffering convulsions or a collapse as a result of a serious head injury is an entirely different matter altogether.
This wasn't a case of warrior spirit, this was a player whose decision making was clouded as a result of obvious concussion and he should have been automatically excluded from any further part by his coach and medical staff.
I trust the IRU will take a very dim view of what occured.

3 Years, 8 Months ago

Jared Payne banned for two weeks after red card challenge on Alex Goode

If that's a red card offence then jumping to catch a ball must be outlawed in the game i.e. a player must have at least one foot on the floor when catching a ball.
It's the only way to prevent accidental collisions when two players are attempting to catch the ball and clearly have their eys on it and nothing else.
Goode could just have easily caught Payne in the face with a knee, so where does it end?
That was never a red card, Payne showed no intent other than catching the ball.
As I say, the only way to avoid it is to stop players jumping with both feet off the floor when catching a high ball.

3 Years, 9 Months ago

Nigel Owens shows Anthony Allen the way to the football stadium

Unless you are blind or a part-time fan (which I strongly suspect) you maybe didn't see the recent Autumn international between Ireland and the All Blacks.
Nige gave probably the best and most consistent display of refereeing seen in the last 10 years and was widely congratulated for it.
Why was it so good? Because the game flowed beuatifully and nobody noticed Nige until the clock went red.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Referee Nigel Owens - 'This is not Soccer'

As you're obviously brilliant when it comes to enforcing the rules and know all about foul play, why not put your money where your mouth is and do the course?
The game is crying out for refs with 20/20 vision who never get a single decision wrong.
During the interim period before completing the Level 1 course, why not wake up and smell what you're shovelling?

4 Years, 1 Week ago

Bismarck Du Plessis controversially yellow carded for huge hit on Dan Carter

That's a shocker by Poite and just goes to show, when it comes to tackling Dan Carter, international teams are (still) just not allowed to do it.
The reaction of the AB's made it worse, but that's nothing new.
Dish it out but can't take it.

4 Years, 3 Months ago

James Horwill cleared after alleged stamp on Alun-Wyn Jones in first Test

Whilst we must protect players from petty attacks we must also protect players careers from reactionary decisions. Kiwi in Germany
The sort of attack that, an inch or two either way could have been career-ending you mean? The IRB are supposed to protect players careers by ending this sort of skullduggery and pure violence with proper sanctions and bans.
Take a look around the world media, from fans to pundits to ex players, 90% agree that Horwill has got away with one, pure and simple.
Dress it up any way you like, the worldwide rugby community knows there has been a grave injustice here.
Were the tables reversed I've no doubt AWJ would have been put in the stockade in chains!

4 Years, 6 Months ago

James Horwill cleared after alleged stamp on Alun-Wyn Jones in first Test

So if he's off balance, why did he lessen the distance in his stance instead of increasing it.? He knew his foot would be in close proximity to someone at the bottom of a ruck so why not move his foot to the right, steady his balance and avoid contact with anyone?

You're clearly struggling with the video so I'd suggest you take a look at the sponsor on Chris Pollock's shirt, it'll prove very helpful to you.

4 Years, 7 Months ago

James Horwill cleared after alleged stamp on Alun-Wyn Jones in first Test

I'm questioning whether Horwill could see where he was putting his feet.
And I'm questioning your sanity. He saw alright, that's why he looked down and almost crossed his legs in order to get the stamp in at the face!
If you're supposedly regaining your balance, you widen the stance of your feet, not narrow it! You REALLY need to wake up and smell what you're shovelling.

As for the Aussies it's now blatantly clear that they have their Antipodean friends in their pocket, not to mention the IRB. Furthermore, in regards to Nigel Hampton it's now obvious that QC stands for Quick Cover-up.
That is a frankly shocking and disgraceful summary of what occurred.
One thing is for sure, the Lions fans will remind Horwill of his actions every time he touches the ball in the next Test.

4 Years, 7 Months ago

The Dimitri Yachvili stamp on Racing Metro's Henry Chavancy

That is pure filth, plain and simple.
And please, let's stop all this "Chavancy knew what he was doing" rubbish. Whether he did or not when did it become the opposing player's right or duty to dish out the punishments?
I may be wrong but I was always led to believe that was the job of the referee!!
The guy was trapped at the bottom anyway, how the hell was he supposed to get out of there?
Typical cheap shot from Yachvilli, I hope they throw the book at him page by page because I hate this sort pure nastiness in our game.

4 Years, 10 Months ago